Unique & Creative Online Wedding Invitations

Unique & Creative  Wedding Invitations Online  Creative Wedding Invitations Online: A wedding is a beautiful day in everyone’s life. If there is a wedding of your closed one and you have assigned duties to organize the wedding preparations then the first thing comes in your mind about wedding cards. Indian people at their wedding make … Read more Unique & Creative Online Wedding Invitations

Online Birthday Video Creation Software

Technology has not only influenced the way we watch movies and videos, but also the way we make them. Films made using a smartphone camera are now awarded Oscars and many amateur filmmakers use online video creation software to produce particularly interesting homemade videos. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, here are some … Read more Online Birthday Video Creation Software

The Best Birthday Video Maker Apps

Life is a gift from nature. Celebrating the occasions and having fun makes life exciting. So make sure to treat your loved ones with respect and don’t ever make them feel worthless. Lack of attention and care negatively affects a person’s personality that later forms complex issues of various types. So, value your family, relatives, … Read more The Best Birthday Video Maker Apps

Create a Best Video Invite with Birthday Video Maker App

Birthdays are celebrated in all parts of the world. However, whether a person celebrates the birthday or not, you should always wish them because it is their happy day. The person will be delighted to see your message pop on the screen as it shows that you care about that person and have good wishes … Read more Create a Best Video Invite with Birthday Video Maker App

Naming Ceremony Invitation Online

Craft A Unique Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Naming Ceremony: Life is full of surprises. Happiness, joy, and love are all that we see throughout life. Family is the most important relationship to share every moment wit and the special family bond is something we cherish forever. Birthdays and weddings are usually celebrated on a large … Read more Naming Ceremony Invitation Online

Best Way to Design Wedding Invitation for Friends

Friends are like flowers in the same garden. They are the family you choose for yourself. They make every moment memorable and add colors to the palette of your life. On the other hand, weddings are the most important day in a person’s life. It is an emotional journey and we need our friends to … Read more Best Way to Design Wedding Invitation for Friends

Engagement Invitation Message: What Inviter Does for You

Are you planning an engagement party? Do you want to share the engagement message news of your impending nuptials with your family and friends? Surely you will be sending personalized engagement party invitations to make it memorable and exciting. How are you sending invitations to your guests? Obviously, you want your engagement party a fun … Read more Engagement Invitation Message: What Inviter Does for You

How to Create Wedding Invitation Video

A wedding is the most special day in a person’s life. It is the harmonious union of two lovers who take vows to stay together forever. This heavenly fixture between two souls is celebrated all over the world. People from different religions have their way of celebrating their wedding day. Arranging the wedding in the … Read more How to Create Wedding Invitation Video

Birthday Video Invitation Online for Whatsapp

Birthday Video Invitations Online Birthdays are a very important event for everyone, the loved ones show their love, gratitude, and prayers on the day. Some will give you priceless gifts and others will share their memories with you. It doesn’t matter what they have for you what matters is how much they love you. One … Read more Birthday Video Invitation Online for Whatsapp

7 Steps To Make An Amazing Birthday Invitation Video

Planning birthday party invitations is always an exciting task. However, it gets stressful at times as the mind gets overwhelmed with dozens of ideas. Don’t fret. Here is one exciting solution for you- craft a unique birth invitation video on your smartphone. Below are seven easy steps to craft a unique birthday party invitation video … Read more 7 Steps To Make An Amazing Birthday Invitation Video

Customize Your Wedding Invitations with Our Wedding Invitation Designs

Gone are the days when people had to spend huge sums of money on paper wedding invitation cards. With the fast-paced world that is going towards modernization, being classy and hassle-free is the key to a happy life. Thus, crafting a video wedding invitation for your guests is an amazing way to make the invitation … Read more Customize Your Wedding Invitations with Our Wedding Invitation Designs

Birthday Video Maker

Birthday Video Maker App for Whatsapp shareable Birthday Invitations Birthdays are the most awaited moments in everybody’s life. Birthdays are and will always be the milestone celebrations in life. We do many things to make birthdays more memorable for our loved ones. It may be choosing a place where the birthday is celebrated and decorating … Read more Birthday Video Maker

DIY Kids Birthday Party Hacks

Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration - DIY kids birthday party hacks

Birthday is a symbol of a special occasion for both kids and parents. It is the best time to celebrate with all the joy and let you dear ones be part of it. Especially for kids, they look up to their birthday with the utmost expectations to celebrate it with friends. And it will be the greatest task for every parent to organize a birthday party. You search everywhere and ask anyone for suggestions to plan the birthday party. So, here are some DIY kid’s birthday party hacks you should never miss out.

On a Birthday, children wear new clothes and get blessings from elders. The child visits a temple/shrine and takes the blessings of God. The child distributes sweets and chocolates to friends in school. Generally, they have a birthday party in the evening as it is time to relax and enjoy it.

Here are some Birthday Party Hacks to Make your Child’s Birthday Colorful

Arranging a Photobooth

Photo booth - at Birthday party video invitation

Nowadays many people are interested in photography. You don’t need a photographer with a booth for this. You just need a camera, some props, and a backdrop. If you are celebrating your child’s birthday outdoor select a natural backdrop, if it is indoor you need to decorate the wall with balloons, stickers, and sheets of paper. Create a photo booth with special and attractive themes. You can create a photo booth in which children have much craze on it. Children will enjoy taking their pics.

Make Your own Tattoos

Children Tattoo -  video invitation for birthday party

Children are crazy about tattoos. They like them a lot. Tattoos are available in party stores. Bring a few sheets of temporary tattoos Sure children will enjoy it.

Party Food as Favours

Chocolates - Birthday party chocolates

If your planning to serve individually chocolates or cookies after the party, you can pack them with different colored papers and hand them out after the party, while leaving. Children love to have such gifts.

Make your Own ART

Birthday invitation - children painting

Children start drawing and painting at the start of the event. After the cake is cut ask someone to bring the pictures and place them in a frame and present them as a piece of their art.

Invite your Guests with a Special Invitation

Do you want to invite your family and friends with a beautiful invitation? There are several ways of inviting your guests. You can invite your guests with a printed invitation card, GIF, online editable invitations cards, invitation messages, online video invitations. The world is digitalized, so surprise your guests with a Birthday video invitation.

Birthday Invitation Maker
Birthday e-invite from Evite


Read moreDIY Kids Birthday Party Hacks

How to Find the Best Video Invitation Maker App

Video Invitations play a very important role in modern days. Video Invitations are very economical, easy to create and eco-friendly. Celebrations and events bring happiness. Are you planning to create one Video Invitation for yourself? Wondering How to find the best video Invitation maker app to create the best Video Invitation for a grand celebration … Read more How to Find the Best Video Invitation Maker App

How to Organize a Birthday Party?

Is your birthday around? then it’s definitely a reason to party. But one thing makes you think twice is, how to organize a birthday party?. Organizing a party is both fun and stressful. As said in a saying that “Hard work Pays off”, this hard work you are putting into planning your birthday will pay … Read more How to Organize a Birthday Party?

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