Weddings - Grand Celebrations

Weddings are not about the couples, but it is the two families coming together. Usually Grand celebrations make weddings as the significant day in lifetime. Weddings bring us the most memorable moments and that make family bonds stay with us always.

Indian Wedding
Grand Wedding
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Weddings during COVID-19

During the Pandemic time of COVID-19, as per government instructions grand celebrations are not possible and the weddings are made very simple with limited guests. COVID -19 has taught us the power of technology. We are very lucky to live in this digital era, where we can get all the information on our fingertips and plans for the wedding can be made from the place where we are. Many couples are finding the best ways to celebrate their wedding in an innovative way. Such that no guest should have feel like they have missed our wedding.

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Simple Weddings during COVID -19

Wedding Live Streaming in HD

Don’t let your family and friends miss your wedding who are staying at a distance and during the tough time of COVID-19. Invite your near and dear ones for the LIVE STREAM Wedding. Going live is very and simple as that,  for this you get in touch with to setup your live event streaming in HD in just few minutes.

Digital Invitation For  Live Stream Wedding During COVID-19

We are living in the digital era and digital wedding video invitations are trendy and can be made in just a few minutes. Video invitations are the creative , fastest and the easiest way to make the wedding invites. Wedding video invites can be created with the photos, details, etc. Invite your guests for your live stream wedding by sharing the invite via Whatsapp, e-mail, and other social media platforms.

Online Punjabi Wedding Invitation