Planning a wedding is tedious but still everyone loves to do it. That's the magic of wedding. But with effect of Covid-19 everything about wedding has changed.

Nothing is as before...

No Band No Baaja No Baarath

Not even our loved ones. Now, what is wedding without our dear ones who are with us in every part of our life.

It's stressful to take all this in right?

As there will be a solution for everything, there is one for this too.

No need to postpone or cancel your wedding. You can marry in the presence of your loved ones.

Yes, you can get marry on the before locked date while all your dear & near ones are attending digitally. Host a live stream wedding to see your family & friends together virtually.

Lavish Weddings Turned into Virtual Weddings

Corona making us to soak in fear. Due to this pandemic situation many business industries got affected including wedding industry. The weddings which are meant to be lavish now turned into low key ceremonies or virtual weddings.

We must be thankful for the digital era we are living in, this pandemic made us sit in homes for months and this wouldn't be possible without the internet and technology.

In the present pandemic situation to stay safe is important and must think of everybody's safety & well being and plan things accordingly. So, we left with the only option that is virtual weddings.

Choose the best live stream app in the market to host live wedding. When you are going digital for wedding then why not for invitations?

Digital Wedding Invitations for Virtual Weddings

Invite guests to your wedding live stream in style with digital wedding invitations. Create a wedding video invitation where you can send a link of wedding live to join along with the invitation video.

Digital wedding invitations are easy to create and can share through all messaging platforms. You can create one with us, Click here to check our latest wedding video invitation designs.

You can create a wedding video invitation for your virtual wedding on the go with inviter's mobile app. Download from google play store to create a wedding invitation video with your photos & wedding live stream details. Share with your loved ones through all social media & messaging platforms.

Happy virtual wedding..!!