Planning birthday party invitations is always an exciting task. However, it gets stressful at times as the mind gets overwhelmed with dozens of ideas.

theme birthday video invitations
Birthday Video Invitations

Don’t fret. Here is one exciting solution for you- craft a unique birth invitation video on your smartphone.
Below are seven easy steps to craft a unique birthday party invitation video for your guests.

STEP #1: Download a birthday invitation video maker app

Thanks to the Google Play Store, which offers a plethora of applications for different purposes. You can also find invitation maker apps on the Play Store to design a creative birthday invitation video.

My favorite is “Inviter”, a video invitation maker app with a huge collection of birthday invitation templates to surprise your guests.

Once you download the app, you are free to use it and make an excellent invitation video.

Birthday Video Invitation

STEP #2: Chose the photos of your choice

Using the invitation maker app, you can add your favorite photos that relate to the birthday celebration. Every template has a capacity for a different number of pictures.

If it is your baby’s first birthday, you can add pictures of the newborn baby and proceed with every month. A timeline of his growth over the months is a cute way to express happiness on the big day.

Similarly, for birthdays of adults, a transformation of each year in the form of photos and videos is a nice idea to incorporate in the birthday party invitations.

Step #3: Add more pictures of the closest people

Add pictures of grandparents, parents, siblings, a family group photo, or a picture with friends, whoever the person is closest to. Impress the guests by adding their pictures, so that they remember the idea for years.

Step #4: Make your birthday invitation catchy

Nice, pleasing words offer a spark to the video. The title should be catchy. Some examples are “Julia’s 6th birthday bash”, “little Evan turns 4.”

Show your excitement with both words and pictures. Make it so impressive that your guest does not want to miss it.

STEP #5: Honor your party guests

Always keep in mind that guests keenly observe the way you invite them. Showing that their presence matters is important.

Proceeding with the text like “We would love if you join us on so and so date” or “Please honor us with your presence” are unique ways to show respect towards your guest.

The date, time, venue, should be highlighted. In addition, the hosts’ contact number must be shared, in case, if someone wants to understand the location.

STEP #6: Make the end attractive

Share some beautiful memories, a cake smash video. Some big achievement, a painted face, a grand family picture, the baby’s first words, little steps. Or something else that grabs the guests’ attention even at the end.

Your goal is to keep the guests’ eyes glued to the screen and do not let them miss any detail. You can also add music or a birthday song in the background to pop it up.

STEP #7: Add a hint of the theme

Theme birthday parties are common these days. If you are planning a theme party, show it on your birthday invitation because your guests would follow it and will enjoy the party more.

If you add text like “let’s celebrate Anna’s princess themed birthday, (wear crown and dresses)” the guests will feel honored and follow the dress code.

For specific colors, you can add words like “we are painting it blue! (Please wear blue only).” This grabs the interest of the people and you get Insta worthy photos.

To create amazing birthday party invitation videos, planning is important. It’s better to sort out the pictures, text, music, and every other thing before you start working with the invitation. Taking advice from family and friends is a nice idea because when more people come up with ideas, the results are amazing.