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User our all-in-one events platform to send video invitations, video greetings, save the date and Thank you notes for businesses, friends & family and more …


Inviter is much more fun than a plain old invitation!

  • Upload your video and pick a theme.
  • Schedule to automatically send now or later.
  • Personalize your message and its background.
  • Delight guests with mobile-friendly experience.
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Our Features


Upload your video, Send or Schedule


Manage contacts and groups


Manage RSVP's and Send Reminders


Share on your social networks


Calendar Integration


Robust analytics-Right to your inbox


Custom HTML and Guest templates


Need a custom design? Talk to us!


Enjoy using our intuitive dashboard

Simple, but powerful: You could hire your great uncle Henry never touched a computer to create a one of kind video invitation. Upload a video, enter your event details, and add your contacts and send it— 1, 2, 3 easy! Your personalized dashboard, files past events and saves drafts. Making this work for you or your business is going to be a cinch — we promise.

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