How It Works

All it takes is just 5 simple steps to create and send your personalized online invitations and greetings


Event Details

Event title, description, date and location

Schedule to send invitations / greetings on a later date

Limit no. of guests per invite

Add photo library for wedding invites

Add poll question and call-to-action buttons

Event Details

Step 2:

Upload Media

Upload your video or photo

Add custom email display image

Upload Video

Step 3:

Customize Email Template

Custom email subject

Custom salutation

Change email background, font and button colors

Send self test email

Customize Email Template

Step 4:

Customize Guest Page

Select your template from multiple templates

Upload your own background image

Change RSVP labels, font and button colors

Different screen preview options

Custom Guest Page

Step 5:

Add Guests and Send

Select contacts from group(s)

Copy and Paste your contacts

Add Contacts and Send

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