Is your birthday around? then it’s definitely a reason to party. But one thing makes you think twice is, how to organize a birthday party?. Organizing a party is both fun and stressful. As said in a saying that “Hard work Pays off”, this hard work you are putting into planning your birthday will pay off with lots of lifetime memories, fun, unstoppable conversations, long-awaited meets, and many more.

But still, the question remains as a question. How to organize a birthday party?.

How to organize a birthday party - Inviter's birthday video invitation maker

You will get a detailed solution for the panic attack of organizing a birthday party in this post.

Let’s divide organizing a birthday party task into three steps.

  1. When and where to have the birthday party
  2. Listing out the birthday party details and essentials
  3. Getting ready for the party

Let’s organize your birthday party together!

Step1. When and Where to Have the Birthday Party?

1. Choose the Time and Date for the Birthday Party.

How to plan a birthday date and time - Inviter's Birthday Video Invitation Maker

Deciding on date and time is crucial. Look for the calendar if there are any holidays or weekends clashing with your birthday party.

  • If you are planning a birthday party for adult it is better to plan on weekends. People will be more willing to come if its a weekend.
  • Fix at late morning if you are planning a kids birthday party.

2. Choose a Budget.

Plan a budget for birthday party - Video invitation maker

Now, everything depends on this. From choosing a place to ordering food.

To plan the party wisely decide the overall birthday budget. Make this decision wisely by considering all your expenses. Split the budget into each element of the party like food, decor, gifts, etc.

3. Prepare the Guest List.

How to prepare Birthday guests list - Inviter video invitation maker

List out the guests you want to invite to the birthday party.

Preparing a guest list will help you order the birthday essentials, return gifts, food and book a party place. Make your guests list according to your birthday budget.

4. Select a Place for the Birthday Party.

Choose a birthday party place - Inviter video invitation maker

Choose a place according to the budget of the party. Decide whether you want to plan the party outdoor or in your home. Book a party or banquet hall if guests are above 25.

If you are planning only for your close family & friends better make it a house party.

Step2. Listing Out Birthday Party Details and Essentials

1. Pick a Birthday Party Theme

Birthday party theme - Video invitation maker

Usually, birthday themes are expensive and will not fit in the budget if you are planning for a small birthday party.

  • Consider the themes popular in cartoons, television shows, movie characters If you are planning for a kid’s birthday. Here are some kid’s birthday party themes you should really check.
  • If you are organizing a birthday party for adults consider themes like the retro, casino, boho, and more

2. Birthday Party Invitations

How to Create Birthday Party Invitations - Inviter video invitation maker

Invite guests with a beautiful birthday invites. Choose a birthday invite that follows your birthday theme.

  • Make sure you include all the details about the venue, time and theme.
  • Go with the birthday invitation card if you want to keep it simple.
  • Try out the eco-friendly birthday e-cards or birthday video invitation with photos and details. E-invites are budget-friendly and can send it through all messaging platforms which actually saves time
  • Add a contact number for RSVP. Guests can respond to the birthday invite if they are attending or not.

There are many websites out there to buy birthday invitations. Here are a few samples for the birthday e-card and birthday video invitation.

Birthday Video Invitation – Inviter.comCreate a Birthday Video Invitation Now

3. Create a Food Menu and Beverages

Prepare Birthday Party Food Menu - Inviter video invitation maker

This is one of the difficult decisions to make. Follow the below steps to fix the final food menu.

  • Check with your guests whether they have food allergies and make something alternative for them.
  • Make sure your food menu follows the birthday party theme
  • Plan a food menu based on the length of the party. Stick to beverages and desserts if the party is for 1 or 2 hours. Plan a good meal too if it going for several hours.

4. Purchasing the Birthday Party Decorating Items.

Purchase birthday decor - Inviter video invitation maker

Keep this part as minimal as you can. Choose everything that matches with your birthday party theme.

  • It is not much important for an adult’s birthday party. Buy minimal decoration like balloons, ribbons, confetti, hats, masks, headband, badges, etc. that suit your birthday theme.
  • For kid’s birthday party organize balloons that match with the theme. Usually, cartoon character theme colors will be pink, white, blue, red. Include a photo corner, ribbons, birthday tag, etc.
  • Purchase your theme color disposable paper cups and plates for food and beverages.
  • Purchase decorative lights, a showpiece, and table decor times.
  • Buy return gifts. For adults buy home decor or gift a plant. For kid’s buy colors, toys or books

5. Plan Few Games for Entertainment

Birthday games - Inviter video invitation maker

Games will make guests engage with the party. Plan something interesting and never feels bore.

  • Rent a game supply if it is a kid’s birthday party or hire an entertainer. Add coloring games, running race, magic show, etc.
  • For adults arrange a dance floor, comedy show, play music in the background, truth or dare, Jenga and many options available on google for adults. Browse and select that suits your birthday theme.

Step3. Getting Ready for the Party

1. Ask a Friend for Help to Assist in Organizing.

Ask for friends help - Inviter video invitation maker

Take your friend’s help in arranging the birthday party and make sure everything is in the right place.

  • Take help to dress up you and makeup.
  • Make sure all the food you ordered is delivered and arrange them on the table
  • Decor the birthday wall and table will flowers and lights

2. Arrange a Pet-friendly Corner & First Aid Kit

Pet corner in birthday party - Video invitation maker

If you have pets make sure they are not around the guests and keep them in a secured place. Arrange a pet corner for your guest pets.

Keep a first aid kit ready if in case anything goes wrong and anyone gets injured. Taking extra care always helps.

Here are the useful tips I found to organize a birthday party. If you think I missed anything please mention in comments.