Buying a new house really a dream achievement in one’s life. House warming Ceremony/Griha Pravesh Rituals performed when you shifting to a new sweet dream home. In India, many traditions and rituals followed in festivals and ceremonies. One such traditional ceremony is House Warming. Many rituals performed when you buy your new dream house.

When to Perform House Warming

Hindu priest decides the auspicious date and time for performing a ceremony in a new house. Believed that entering into a new house on an auspicious day will bring health, wealth and happiness to the family moving to a new house.

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House Warming

How to Invite People for Griha Pravesam

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New House Move in Rituals:

Decorating the Entrance of The House:

Decorate the entrance of the house with flowers and garland made with mango leaves. Draw rangoli in front of the house with different colours

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Rangoli filled with flowers

Vastu Shanti Pooja:

Usually, Vastu Shanti pooja performed when you buy a new house, a plot or a building. Performing Vaastu pooja helps in removing the ill effects of Vastu for the house. Therefore, many believed doing Vastu pooja brings peace, harmony and betterment in life.

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Vastu Puja


Havan the ritual performed when you move into a new house. Homam or yagnya is offering prayers to fire god.

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Prayers to Fire God

Ganesha and Lakshmi Pooja:

Praying to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi is one the important ritual performed during Griha Pravesam Ceremony. Offering prayers to Lord Ganesha helps in overcoming obstacles and brings happiness.

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Laxmi Puja

Bringing Cow Inside The House:

Many Hindu people in India Worship Cow. Considered as a sacred animal. Making cow walking around the house considered as good during House Warming ceremony

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Holy Cow

Boiling of Milk:

A most important ritual in House Warming is Boiling Of Milk till it overflows is one of an important ritual performed by the woman of the family. Overflowing of milk signifies the abundance of happiness, wealth, health and peace to all the family members.

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Over Flowing Of Boiling MIlk

The sprinkling of Holy Water:

Finally, Holy water sprinkled on all the corners of the house. Water from sacred rivers is considered as holy water. The sprinkling of holy water removes negative energies from the house.