Dresses, Festoons, Cakes and what’s Next? Inviter Takes Care of the Rest..

Be it a small child, a dashing teenager or a tired oldie- birthdays are special for all!

How to plan? How big the cake should be? How many guests to call? These are the frequently asked questions and if it is your tiny tot’s special day, then more questions pop out.


Amidst hasty planning, you may forget the basic requirement for birthdays. Yes! The Guests… Who will not get fussy about invites if it reaches them the last moment? How about a technique wherein one gets notified a week earlier and get reminded a day before? Tech enthusiasts have captured this wish and have granted the party lovers with Inviter.com which is… A Blessing Truly in Disguise…

Inviter.com-Making the Dream Come True

Inviter.com is an all-in-one video platform, through which one can send video invitations for birthday parties. With 14 day trial package, it is quite easy to learn and play around with inviter. One can create their personalized birthday invite in just three steps:

  • Make your birthday Video message.
  • Upload the same on Inviter
  • Share it to your guests in just one mouse click

Birthday Video Invites- What’re these?

The birthday video invite is the most appreciable feature of Inviter.com. Your kid can personally invite his friends and their family for his birthday. If you are making a secret birthday surprise for your spouse, make a video capturing his best moments; weave a nice story and send to his beloved near and dear ones with an e-invitation. If you are celebrating milestone birthdays like 25, 50, 60, 70, 80 etc. then compile a video of how time has flew past but the person has always been special in your life. Such video messages are heart wrenching and no matter howsoever distant the guest is, it does not take them much time to catch the next flight to take part and stay close to the birthday boy or girl.

Features worth mentioning…

Inviter is a complete package in itself. It assists the host in the following ways:

  • When a guest accepts or denies the party invitation using the RSVP voting button, the information is updated in the guest list maintained at the host end.
  • Details with respect to date, time and venue are synchronized in the guest’s calendar.
  • Guests can comment on the video invite if they wish and that will be consolidated at the host end.
  • When the guest accepts the invite, few more questions related to the number of people attending the event, their food and beverage preference, the number of kids attending, parking requirement etc are posted to them. Once they answer these data will be entered at the host database.
  • Any modification in the previous plan will be notified to the guests accordingly.

Live life king size… This is a famous lifestyle mantra these days and Inviter has added another wing to this kind of dignified lifestyle. Inviter birthday video invitations are the first step to nurture, cherish and celebrate birthdays as never done before.