Craft A Unique Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation

Naming Ceremony: Life is full of surprises. Happiness, joy, and love are all that we see throughout life. Family is the most important relationship to share every moment wit and the special family bond is something we cherish forever.

Birthdays and weddings are usually celebrated on a large scale. However, I believe that birth announcements and baby showers are getting the limelight too. Similarly, the tradition for celebrating the baby naming ceremony is common in many cultures. Indeed, planning a name is an important event in the life of an individual. Because the name has an impact on the personality, the name should be considered after discussing it with family members.

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Naming Ceremony Invitations

Also, when you plan a baby naming ceremony it is important to invite all your family members, relatives, friends, and other close people who would share your happiness. And feel excited about the new arrival in your family.

Does the question arise that how to send the baby naming ceremony invitation when all family members are busy with the little bundle of joy? It is difficult to take out time and personally invite people.

With so many things getting easier because of technology, planning a baby naming ceremony invitation is not a big issue. Simply go for a video invitation.

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Tips to Create A Professional Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation

So, the process is simple. Follow these steps and craft a lovely baby girl or baby boy naming ceremony invitation.

Choose the template

Download a video invitation maker app, select a video template that suits the theme of your celebration. If you have a baby boy, choose a blue color template. For a baby girl, choose something that is pink or purple.

naming ceremony invitation

Make it interesting with nice words

An invitation should always be captivating. Whereas a video invitation should be exciting enough to glue the receivers’ eye on the screen until the video ends. On the first slide, start with a sweet message like “the new parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jason are delighted on the arrival of their little candy/ sunshine/ angel.”

You can proceed with “we would be honored with your presence at the baby naming ceremony.”

In the next slide, you must tell the time and date “please arrive at 4 pm at Chapel hall, on 5 Feb 2020.”

Assure your receivers that their presence matters, you can attach a note like, “waiting to welcome you, with love family members of the Jason family.”

Add contact details of someone so people can call and inform of their absence if they don’t plan can’t attend the event.

Don’t forget the pictures

Adding pictures of the newborn baby on the baby naming ceremony invitation will get people excited to see the munchkin and take him/her in their hands.

baby boy naming ceremony invitation

Share the theme

Here is an idea; go for a theme celebration because they taking over the internet. You can opt for themes like a rainbow, sunshine, or a cartoon theme. A color theme like blue, pink, white, red, or a dress code like “men wear tuxedos and women wear mid-dresses only” are also exciting theme ideas.  For these celebrations, it is important to put them up on the invitation so that everyone follows it and doesn’t feel left out.

Here is a Naming Ceremony Invitation Video

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Let’s Create a Naming Ceremony Invitation Video

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