A Name Giving Ceremony is an event at which an infant, a youth, or an adult or relatives is given a name or names. Even though the timing can differ from mere days to several months altogether. This ceremony has cultural as well as religious significance.

name giving ceremony

Name giving ceremonies are totally fun. As one welcome’s the kid in the family there is an extra joy in naming him or her. If you have any day witnessed the anticipation of what should be the name of the kid prior to the ceremony, then you would certainly understand why it seems so special.

In case you are planning out for a name giving ceremony, here are some creative ideas to consider –

1. Keep a theme:

Get rid of those boring ceremonies where people randomly dress with no plan in place. Opt for a theme. Search online and you shall find ample themes that go well with a name giving ceremony. A theme based ceremony is always a delight.

2. Video invitation:

Gone are the days when video invitations were not just time-consuming but also costly. With inviter.com you can always get a beautiful video invitation done for your child’s name-giving ceremony and that too in just 15 minutes. Consider making a video invitation that you can easily download and further share in your groups and send it to your near dear ones through WhatsApp.

Naming ceremony video invitation

3. Keep the chits:

Instead of simply going the regular way you can always add a spark of fun in it! Slip in some chits asking all your guests to write wishes and blessings for your tiny tot. This is going to be fun for sure. Also, you can pass a book around so your guests can write something for her, wishes or advice or whatever, that she can have as a keepsake when she gets older.

4. Plant a tree:

This sound cliche but it is worth it. Plant a tree on your kid’s name giving ceremony and name the tree his/her name. This is also a good way to contribute your bit towards our mother earth.

How to get the video invitation done?

Follow the simple steps –

1. Choose from the multiple free video invitation templates that exist on the website
2. Pick the one that you love the most
3. Get your video down in just 15 minutes
4. Download it in your system and the forward it via a variety of channels
You can have the best naming ceremony ever with tons of personalization and customization right from the video invitation to every other arrangement.

Go ahead and give it a try, we are sure you would love it.