The period of time between a marriage proposal and marriage is the engagement, a promise to wed. Across India, the engagement ceremonies among most religion and ethnicity are uniform but differ in nuances and details of the rituals. It is an important pre-wedding ritual and the would-be bride and the bridegroom to come face to face and the families will formally betroth them. The engagement ceremony, in some Indian culture, marks the formal announcement of the betrothal, while in other the official wedding date is determined through a ceremony.

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The engagement, in some culture, precedes the actual wedding by a year while in others they are held just a day or two before the wedding. The exchanging of the rings is not the mandatory ritual in all cultures but the ritual always involves the formal announcement of the impending nuptials. It also helps future wedding guests to get to know one another. Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the ceremony but many modern couples host their own engagement party. It is also the means for sharing the engagement news with family members and friends. So it’s not just a traditional gift-giving occasion since none of the guests is supposed to be aware of the engagement until they arrived. Engagement ceremony is the first of many fun events to come regarding the wedding.

Engagement Ceremony Online Invitation Video Maker:

Whatever may be the celebration type, big or small takes coordination for the location, photographer, flowers and not to mention, the invitations. Considering invitations, the video engagement invitations are more popular than ever before. Some of the occasions were invitations are send likewise, Roka, sangeet, etc. All these types of ceremonial invitations can be sent as online video invitations using various type of apps. Using video invites, you can send something beautiful to your guests in the form of digital invitations.

Some of the advantages of using online video invitations are:

1) The money that is saved by sending online video invitations cannot be compromised.
2) You will receive a faster and better and accurate response time from the guests. That means, invitations can be sent out at a future date and still you will know who would be coming or not far in advance.
3) The problem of the postal errors can be totally avoided and thus there is no room for creating any confusion in inviting.

For creating videos using apps you can use the app downloaded from You need to register on the website and download the app. Creating of video using Inviter Video Invitation Maker app is also very simple and can be done within 3 steps only:

1) First of all Select the event category for which you are opting and then pick a video invitation template.
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3) Preview the changes before finalizing and create an HD video. Download the same and then you may share using WhatsApp or send email invitations to guests for RSVPs.