Engagement Invitations are one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life. The occasion is concerned with the couples taking a vow in presence of an ordained person. In this fast-paced generation where our daily conducts are gradually making amends with technology-driven lifestyle and rely on social media for sharing information. Time is a crucial factor and to make matters less tedious by maximizing outputs at a limited timeframe. We can give the benefit of doubt to the trending facility of video invitations. To make life simpler and for the benefit of the guests, it is reasonable to just send a video highlighting the theme of the occasion and adding the essential details of the proceedings.

Engagement ceremony

The original basis for sending video invitations is based on the long-accepted premise that people usually tend to retain maximum information from an audio-video simulation when compared to the impacts of the textual scribbling. Now, as per as the engagement activities are concerned, some guidelines regarding the video invitations might help.

Engagement video invitations:

  • Traditionally invitations are sent six to eight weeks prior to the occasion. This can be done via video invitation cards encapsulating the theme, including pictures or video clips, giving a certain vibe to it for the people to enjoy in high definition resolution. Don’t forget to mention the obvious details like venue, time, a date with a map view and etc. before sending it.
  • Making an RSVP date usually two to three weeks prior to the engagement date gives the guest just enough time to consider. This is done to make the headcount for the engagement ceremony, and finalizing the seating and catering arrangements.
  • Take adequate measures to not actually provide the unnecessary off-putting information because it is considered impolite. Don’t include anything to exaggerate or anything that sounds like bragging.
  • Save the dates is a relatively new feature to be taken into consideration and is believed to be one of the engagement ceremony etiquettes. It helps in a way by sending the guests an advance notice to attend the occasion.
  • Take requisite steps and make a purposeful greetings video pertaining to the ceremony. Add good clips encapsulating the memories so that it is a delight for everybody.
Engagement Invitation Video

Creating video invitations have been made easy and time and cost effective. Organizations like inviter.com provide services for theme and occasion based video creation. Upon collecting pictures, videos, they perform editing and attach music to make a short clip based on the occasion. After completion of the videos, they are responsible enough to send it to the concerned parties via an email as specified by the party who avails their services. This really is an efficient way to tackle the trouble of creating a purposeful video invitation.