Just like the scintillating sand of the desert, Rajasthani weddings are known for their shiny glamour and colourful look. The element of rich and distinctive jewellery, bridal wear and exotic mouth-watering delicacies paint a riot of happiness and memorable memories for both the families of the bride and the groom.

Rajasthani wedding invitations
Traditional Rajasthani/Marwari Wedding Invitations

Over time the traditional mandaps, grand baraats, and exquisite culture have managed to stay intact, however, there’s an addition of western elements to these traditional Rajasthani weddings. The trace of change is clearly notable in the bride’s and the groom’s clothes as the loud colors are now replaced to the classy and subtle pastels and pinks and the type of rituals that now are followed with a twist of parties.

Apart from clothes, food, and celebrations, there have been numerous changes but this article will focus on the trending Rajasthani wedding e-video or Rajasthani wedding invitations.

What’s a Rajasthani Wedding Invitations, Video Maker?

The advent of the digital era has made it easier for people to connect across the globe. Taking the help of this technological advancement, the experts have come up with this new concept called e-video invites. It’s a concept wherein a customized invitation message is sent across to the guests over a video.

While traditional wedding invites only let you use graphics and text on glossy paper. This video invites bring to the audio-visual facility that enables you to customize the invite message as per your need.

Rajasthani Wedding Invitation Video

How to design an e-invite video?

The process of developing your e-invite video is extremely easy. Let’s go stepwise:

  • Login into the invitation video maker website.
  • Have a look across the pre-determined templates. If you are not happy with pre-determined templates, you can customize these templates to suit your requirements.
  • Add in the video invite message for your near and dear ones. Record in a call-to-action with a mention of venue and date.
  • Post that clicks on save option or download your video invites and sent it across according to your guest list.

Thus, as you can see within a few clicks your invite is ready and sent across as well.

Perhaps, this process certainly saves in time and money, adding the novelty of modern digital video invites to your traditional Rajasthani wedding. If you have any queries regarding the designing process of e-invite video then address those queries through your comments