A Naming Ceremony is an auspicious ceremony where the infant is given a name. The timing is from mere days after birth. These ceremonies have a religious or cultural significance in the society.

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Some of the religious or cultural significance are as follows:


Naming a baby boy is usually through the baptism ceremony in Christianity, especially Catholic culture, and to a lesser degree among those Protestants who practice infant baptism. In Eastern, Orthodoxy infants are traditionally named on the eighth day of life in a special service conducted either in the home or in church.


In Hinduism, the ceremony is traditionally known as Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar, this ceremony is conducted in an elaborate form on the 12th day after birth.


Some of the secular humanists usually perform a naming ceremony as a non-religious alternative to ceremonies such as christening of the baby. The purpose is to recognise and celebrate the arrival of a baby boy and welcome him in the family and circle of friends. The structure of the ceremony exhibits the pattern relatable to that of more traditional naming ceremonies, with a social ceremony led by a humanist celebrant in which the parent’s name ‘guide parents’, ‘mentors’ or ‘supporting adults’ instead of traditional godparents. This is often followed by celebration, feast and party.


In Islam, the baby boy is named on the seventh day by the mother and father who make a decision together on what the child should be called. They choose a suitable name for the baby, usually Islamic, having a positive meaning.


In the old Jewish tradition of naming, all the baby boys are named at a brit milah on the eighth day after the birth of the child.


In the age-old Wiccan religion, at the beginning of the (or dedication) ritual, initiates taking a Wiccan Name (Craft Name). This Wiccan name is never used in public, but only among the other Wiccans in religious gatherings or other ceremonies. Some Wiccan authors practice using their Wiccan name on their books, such as Silver RavenWolf. For a Wiccan, opting for a Wiccan name symbolizes a rebirth of the child.


In Druidism, the naming ceremony is usually called, “The First Oath” and is used similarly like the Wiccan tradition.

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