The mundan ceremony is also called chudakarana which represents the first time shaving of the baby hair after the child is born especially in Hindu culture. It can be done only in the First, Third, Eighth and Sixteenth years only.

mundan ceremony

Symbolically the carrying out of this ceremony signifies that the undesirable traits of the last life are left behind and the child can begin a new life. It is a thousand years old tradition. After the mundan ceremony is successfully done a small part of the hair is left on the head. It is called the Shikha which protects the brain. The total length of the sikha or the part of uncut hair depends on the gotra and other traditions of the patron’s family. The mundan ceremony is common for both for the girls and boys.

If you ever visit the tirtha spots of Hrishikesh in North India you notice a large number of young boys and girls who perform their mundan ceremony on regular basis here. It is considered to be one of the most pious rituals for the mundan ceremony. People come to this spot from different corners of the country to perform the mundan ceremony of their child here. The hair of the child that is cut is offered to the holy river Ganges. The child and the father perform a holy Yagya and Aarti together as they offer the hair of the child to the holy river.

Now let’s get in touch with some astrological aspects of the mundan ceremony or the first time the baby’s hair is being shaved.

The birth date of the child must never be selected for the mundan ceremony according to customs. You must always keep these points in mind whenever you are selecting the date for the mundan ceremony. Mundan ceremony is as important as all the other ceremonies in the life of a Hindu child. The priest, first of all, removes a little bit of the hair and offers it to the holy fire. The remaining part of the hair is shaved off by the barber who especially invited for the mundan ceremony. The shaved head is then washed with Gangajal which is considered to be a pious river.

After that turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied on the head of the child which acts as an antiseptic. The hair is then after given offered to the sacred river like the Ganga.

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