An office inauguration ceremony or an induction event is a formal ceremony or special official event. The inauguration of your office not only officially states that you are in business, but also gives a good head-start in establishing contacts.

office inauguration ceremony

Plans for an Office Inauguration Ceremony:

1. Decide the objective of your party:

If you are hosting a party to launch or re-launch your business, you must clear the goal of your party. You may want your potential customers and business partners to know about your products or services or the media to know about your company or want to boost your sales. When you define the objectives clearly, it will help you to perform the next step i.e. making a guest list.

2. Allocate a budget, identify a sponsor and an event partner:

Depending on the number of people who are attending and the event, decide your budget of the party and identifying the potential sponsors who can contribute to your event. You may have to alternatively promote them also.

3. Decide when and where to host the party:

Venue: Decide a venue of the party as per your budget. Additionally, the venue must be convenient for your guests to attend and be good enough to suit the goal of your event.

Day, Date and Time: Choose a date that is very suitable for all invitees to attend. Since it is an office party, the time should be such that it is possible for maximum people to attend. Decide when to host a party, at lunch or dinner time.

4. Make an event plan:

When you are inaugurating your business, you can have a religious or a ribbon-cutting ceremony done by prominent people. It can be followed by speeches by key people in your company.

While planning, keep in mind the type of business you are in, your goal for the office inauguration ceremony and your target audience. Then plan out the kind of food you serve and the entertainment you shall offer your guests. Do not forget to decorate the party hall to suit the theme of the occasion. Make strategic use of your company logo and slogan in your decorations.

5. Make a plan to promote your product or services:

This is very crucial as you are hosting the party to promote your business. You should make your guests feel that you value their presence in your party. So, give them souvenirs, keepsakes, raffles and even door prizes. Distribute your business card and pamphlets carrying information about your business.

In the end, it is very important that you execute your plan well so that the party goes on smoothly and is a grand success. So, for inviting the targeted people, you can use various type of invitation media to reach them. But in the modern technological world, the use of video invitation could be more effective. You can create video invitations easily using the video invitation maker. You can create them easily by using the companies like They collect pictures and videos from you, create a proper video with music and according to the theme and send it to the guests from your invite list.