“Honey! I shall be late today as well. See you later. Bye” with these parting words she hung up the call…


Being the organizer of a forthcoming corporate gathering, she turned towards her diligent team and started firing questions like “how many people will attend the event?

Are there any entertainment event following the meeting? What is the hospitality requirement?” etc. But about Invitations? Well, she was tension-free as Inviter is capable enough to manage all…

An event of such magnitude involves huge audience and Inviter helps to draft unique and beautiful video invitations for such grand corporate events.

About Inviter

Gone are the days when paperback invitations were dispatched to every participant. Natural calamities, postal strike could play pivotal roles in getting the invitation delivered.  Inviter is one such efficient online platform where free video invitations are designed and shared to guests quickly. A corporate annual meeting is successful only when there is huge audience turn out and video invitations can grab the eyeballs of more shareholders than usual. Using Inviter is a 3 step process

  • Make the video invite
  • Upload to Inviter
  • Add the guest list and share to at least 50 in one mouse click.

With Inviter’s 14-day trial package, one can easily create their log-in and play with the tools.

Corporate Event Video Invitations – Why Inviter?

Every year companies gear to meet all its shareholders and board members through annual general meeting. Learning about company’s achievements in the market boosts the shareholder’s faith and they tend to invest more in the company. It also imbibes a greater zeal among the board members and employees to achieve new heights. But… how to pass this information to the audience in an intriguing way?

Through Inviter, such high points can be collated into a video presentation where the company CEO, board members and shareholders can convey their heartfelt thanks to the public and all the employees for their never ending support. To make the video more informative, profit statements, future project details can be added at the tail end. Every receiver who gets this invitation feels highly important and takes pleasure in the fact that the celebration is held to appreciate his contribution.

Special Benefits of Inviter Corporate Video Invites:

Other benefits of Inviter corporate invites include:

  • The invitation reaches more shareholders located at different geographical location with just one mouse click.
  • Inviter has a backend data management tool where the host can view collective analytic information by making the guests RSVP to connect with them at ease.
  • The invitation details can be synchronized to smartphone calendar.
  • Any change in date, time, venue etc can be intimated to the confirmed attendees immediately via a revised invitation.

Celebrating every fundamental shareholder’s and board member’s presence and their contribution is the crux of such gatherings. Use Inviter to draft personalized video invitations to make the get-together a memorable one.