Let’s get right to the point. How expensive are videos? You hear about it. You hear and read about how you should be using video in your efforts. But in the back of your mind, you’re wondering how you’re going to do it and what it’s going to cost you. The truth is, it could cost you more than a pretty penny…or not. You’d be surprised.  Inviter pricing is more than affordable.  The pricing works in two possible ways: Per event or monthly. The common thread with pricing is the guest count.

video invitation pricing

Guest Count

We live in a world where a one size fits all solution isn’t practical. Why should you pay for something you can’t fully use? Inviter respects that. For that reason, the basis for pricing is guest count. By guests, we mean how many people you’re going to email a video greeting or invitation.


Our packages are based on event frequency. If you’re only holding one event, then the Basic plan is best. If you’re planning on having monthly events, the plus is the best option. Events include invitations and greetings. Remember, you can send mass greetings through Inviter. Plus it is monthly whereas Basic is one-time.

Event Planners

Let’s say you’re an event planner. Your clients really keep you busy and have several events if not at least one event per month. Plus it is your best option. Let’s say that you’re planning an intimate event for less 50 guests. Your monthly cost is $39.99. If you’re responsible for multiple events and the total guest invite list each month is 1000 is $199.99 per month. Not a bad price to send out 1000 invites!


Let’s say you are an early adopter and love technology. You want to cut through the marketing noise and use Inviter as a video newsletter provider. Depending on your email list, it could cost you as low as $39.99 or up to $199.99.

Wedding Coordinators

The same scenario above applies to wedding coordinators. It’s cheaper for wedding coordinators to send invites on behalf of brides and grooms than it is if they did it on their own. You get bulk pricing for using our service.

Getting Started

This is the easy part. You just fill out the form and start creating your event. You can create the events ahead of time and save them for later and even schedule the emails. It’s pretty easy and very intuitive.