A wedding anniversary is always a good time to walk down your memory lane and relive that one beautiful day where you two got married. Wedding anniversaries are always special to celebrate but the first wedding anniversary is definitely the extra special one.

first wedding anniversary
Wedding Anniversary

So, in case you are planning a grand party on your very first wedding anniversary, we decided to help you with ideation! Here is the list of several themes of the party that you can consider on your first wedding anniversary party without fail.

1. Colour coded:

Old yet classic. Colour codes never go out of fashion. The most love theme of any party is colour coding. Assign black or blue to men and red to women or perhaps white. Colour coded costumes are easier to pick and they are a lot more fun to think of.

2. Favourite Hobby:

If the honorees are known for staying true to a certain hobby, you can go all out and build a theme around this hobby. The couple will appreciate the personalized feel of the celebration.

3. Fairytale:

If you are an ardent fairy tale fan then this what you can think of. Ask men to dress up like the fairy tale prince and ask the ladies to become the princess. The costumes are readily available in the shops.

4. Lantern love:

You two have survived your first year together! Whether you made it by the skin of your teeth or it was easy as pie, you definitely want to celebrate with your loved ones. A paper lantern centrepiece will set a laid-back, romantic mood at your one-anniversary party. Arrange a paper lantern in the middle of your banquet table, and place an LED light inside to let it glow. Place preserved red roses atop in the shape of a wreath, and sprinkle rose petals around the base for a romantic touch.

Also, consider sending out video invitations to your friends, family and colleagues. If you are thinking – How to get the video invitation done?

Follow the simple steps –

1. Choose from the multiple free video invitation templates that exist on the website
2. Pick the one that you love the most
3. Get your video down in just 15 minutes
4. Download it in your system and the forward it via a variety of channels

wedding invitation video

It doesn’t matter what is the theme that you pick after all your special day shall remain to be the special day with or without a theme party. However, if you at all decide to pick a theme part then you can select any of these.