Friends are like flowers in the same garden. They are the family you choose for yourself. They make every moment memorable and add colors to the palette of your life.

On the other hand, weddings are the most important day in a person’s life. It is an emotional journey and we need our friends to be there with us during those happy moments. There must be someone to capture the tears of happiness in their camera lens or someone who can bring you food when everyone else is eating. Some friends to plan a group dance and a bridesmaid to get cool brides poses are important.

As friends are special, invite them in an extra special way. If your friends live in some other country or city and you are planning to send them courier cards, stop and step back!

Think out of the box and try video invitations. The best part is that you can WhatsApp them to everyone. Therefore, the trick is to be creative. Save money, surprise your friends, and have them attend the wedding.

Digital Wedding invite

If you do not know how to invite friends for marriage in English, or you cannot find the best app for this task, we are to help you.

With our Inviter app, you get a variety of templates where you can find creative wedding invitation wordings for friends.

If you are a fun-loving person, we have a funny wedding invitation wording for friends available on the app too. It depends on you how you want to design the invitation.

How to Design a Wedding Invitation Video for Friends?

With the Inviter app, you get readymade templates. You only have to edit it according to your plan and produce a classy invitation that reflects your personality.

Some tips that would help you to compose a unique invitation video are:

Add a glimpse bride and groom

The bride and groom’s pictures and their details must be the first thing in the video. Telling how and when they met, and a few pictures offer an element of engagement to the friends.

Pictures with friends

Compose separate invitation videos using templates at the Inviter app for close friends. Add some nice pictures with that friend and add some creative wedding invitation wordings for friends. This way they’ll feel special and would love to be a part of your special day.

Add an exciting song

Put a background song in the video to add an emotional vibe in the video. A good idea is to add a mutual favorite song that your friends used to love back then when you were together. Otherwise, songs like “you have my heart” and “One Call Away” and “count on me” make the best fit for such videos. Using a piece of soft background music is also a good idea.

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitations

Different invitations for every group

With every group of friends, you would have a different connection, memories, fun moments and pictures that the other friends wouldn’t relate too. Designing a different card for each group is an amazing idea, as they will feel honored to be remembered and invited specially.

Create a Wedding Invitation Now

Incorporate unique wedding invitation wording for friends

The wordings should tell about your friendship bond. Search for the best wedding invitation wordings for friends and add those in the template. You can add a friendship quote with every picture or video or your secret names to make it memorable.

Be the one who brings a twist to the traditional paper invitation cards. With the Inviter app, design an invitation that stands out from the rest. Because after being honored this way, your friends will make sure to attend your wedding day.

Video Maker Apps for Creating Wedding Invitations for Friends in English.

Create wedding invitations to invite your friends with the Video Maker app. Making a wedding invitation with a best-personalized invitation message is very easy and quick with the apps. Just download the app from the Google play store to sign up and start creating the wedding invitations within no time. Share the video invitations via Whatsapp, SMS and other social media.

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