Plan to Host a perfect House warming party after buying a dream house. House warming Party has become a longstanding tradition from many many years. Welcome all your guests, neighbors, dear and near ones to your sweet home and arrange for a party.

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How To Invite For The House Warming Event?

A happy House Warming is really a great celebration for your new house. Once you set with guest list, date and time for the party, plan out to send Video Invitations. A website like Inviter helps you to create House Warming Video Invitations in HD quality with your own photos and music in a few minutes. Video Invitation Maker App of Inviter also Helps you to create House Warming party Invitations on your android mobile. Warming Party Video Invitation

How To Create A video Invitation for Griha Pravesh House Warming Ceremony?

Here are the few simple steps to create House Warming Video Invitation

  1. Sign Up or register an account with Website like Inviter.
  2. Pick a House Warming Video template for your event.
  3. Make necessary changes to the text like Name, Date, Event Time and Venue.
  4. Upload your favourite photos and music of your choice.
  5. Preview Video before you download Final HD Video.
  6. Download The Final HD Video.

How to Host a House Warming Event Celebration with Budget?

Here are some ideas which help you to host Griha Pravesh House Warming Ceremony on budget

Set a House Warming Ceremony Party Budget

Before planning for a House opening Ceremony most Importantly, plan to fix a proper amount of money that you are going to working with. Fix the amount 50 $ or 100$ or 500$ or even more than that you are going to spend comfortably.

Skip the Decorations

Decorations may Cost more. Plan to showcase your house with minimum decorations like light strings, artificial flowers, and others.

Shop at Dollar Store

Many Decorating and party supplies are needed for the Home Sweet Home House Warming party Ceremony. You have a lot of options to shop these. Plan to shop at the dollar store to stick to your budget.

Send Out Eco-friendly Video Invites

A website like Inviter helps you to create House Warming Party Invitations In few minutes with your own photos and music. Eco-friendly Video Invitations are easy to create and can be shared with your guests through WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other social media sites Facebook, Twitter and others.

Limit the Guest List

Arrange for a small gathering for your move into your dream house with limited guests. Inviting more people for House Warming party may keep up your budget. Welcome very closeby and dear ones to the party.

Make it a Snack and Desert Party

Catering costs you more. Plan for some snack and desserts like Pizza, Icecream, chips. If you are good in baking, plan to bake some cookies, cupcakes and others.

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Plan for BackYard BBQ Party

Backyard Party is really a joy. You can take help from some of your neighbors and close friends in making BBQ Recipes.

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