Each year Many Children look forward to celebrating their Birthday parties in a grand way. Some may host or attend the birthday parties. In a Birthday party, there will be a cake, Gifts, Games, decorations, snacks and of course different types of balloons.

Besides many other things in a party, balloons are very attractive for the party. Many Different type of balloons are available in the market today.

When You are planning for a fabulous birthday party, Planning with balloon decorations would be the perfect one. When you are hosting a party or planning for water games with balloons, choose the right kind of balloons

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Birthday Party Balloons



Different Types Of Balloons

Latex Balloons:

Latex Balloons are the most common and inexpensive balloons. Air can be filled in these either with a balloon pump or with helium. When filled with helium, they will float. They are available in different clours. Latex balloons known as party balloons, which are popular in many parties and festivities.

Some latex balloons are available with messages and pictures printed on them. These are readily available in large packs with different styles, designs and colours.


Latex Balloons

Foil Balloons:

Foil Balloons are also known with the name Mylar Balloons. These are shiny and metallic in appearance. These a bit expensive compared to latex balloons but, add as a great decoration for many parties and events.

These Balloons are available in different sizes, styles, designs and colours. These available with licenced pictures printed on them. usually, Foil Balloons tend to hold helium better than latex. These are really attractive and shiny created with nylon sheet.

Boy with Foil Balloons

Water Balloons:

Water Balloons are really very smaller than the party balloons and available in many colours. These used in the party for water games.

No matter what type and of balloons you choose for the party, they add great attraction and joy for the guests and kid’s who attend the party.