Wondering what Birthday Gift to be given to a special person on her special day? The only person who keeps on giving all through her entire life without expecting anything in return is none other than one’s Mom.

It is a fact that there is no one on this planet who can give more than a mother. She gave you precious life, happiness and all that you need to lead this precious successful life.

One of the most important person for everyone in this world is their Mom. There are no words to describe the greatness of a mother, It can only be felt. Plan for a special Birthday gift for a special person.

Birthday comes once in a year. when it is your Mom’s birthday plan for a special birthday party by inviting guests, friends and beloved ones and maker her day. Invite your guests by sending Video Invitations through WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other social media platforms.

Create a Video Invitation For Your Loving Mom

kid giving gift to mother
Birthday Gift To Mom

What type of Invitations best for Your Loving Mom’s Birthday Party

Video Invitations are a modern trendy way to invite guests to a party. A website like Inviter helps in creating Birthday Video Invitations in a few minutes with your own photos and music.

Also, Video Invitation Maker App of Inviter Helps in creating Video Invitation on mobile with HD quality in a few minutes.

Mother's birthday celebration
Birthday Celebration To Mom

How to Create a Birthday Video Invitation For Your Mom?

  1. Sign Up with Website: Firstly, Sign up with Invitation Maker website or App and select the category as a birthday.
  2. Select a Template: Secondly, Select the birthday template of your choice and start creating the video invitation.
  3. Add Images: Thirdly, Add the images needed to create video invitations. Cropping options are available to edit the images.
  4. Details: Most Importantly, Enter the details of date, venue and time.
  5. Preview: Further, Preview the invitation and also check whether the details are entered properly.
  6. Download: Finally, Download the final HD quality video invitations and share it through WhatsApp, SMS, email and other social media channels.

What type of Birthday Gift is Best For Your Mom?

Wondering what type of birthday present is best for your Mom? Here are the best ideas for gifting your loving Mom on her birthday.

Gift Her a Photo album or Make a family tree and Fill it Up With Memorable Photos

Buy a Photo Album and fill it up with old memorable photos and gift it to your Mom on her birthday. This is really a good gift. It brings her memories back again.

family time
Photo Album With Memories

You can also plan to gift a family tree with all the photos. Either of them makes your mom recollect her family memories.

family tree
Memories With Family Tree

Gift Your Mom With Her Favorite Jewelry Set

Every Woman is fond of jewellery. Gift Your Mom a Wonderful jewellery set and maker feel proud about you.


Gift her a Favorite Branded Watch

Gifting Your Mom a Wonderful Branded Watch would be a good option. When Ever She wears it on her wrist, it reminds about you.

Branded Watch

Gift her With a Favorite Book.

If Your Mom Is fond of reading books. Gifting her a recently released book of your Mom’s Favorite author would be a wonderful option


Gift her with a Hand Bag

If your Mom loves Shopping, Gifting her a favourite branded Handbag would be a wonderful Gift on her Birthday.

hand bag
Branded Handbag

Gift her with Flower bouquet

If Mom loves flowers, Order a Special Bouquet with her favorite flowers.

flower bouquet
Flowers For Mom

Gift her With a Diamond Ring

If your Mom like to wear a ring on her hand, Gifting her a favourite diamond ring would be a good option.

diamond ring
Diamond Ring

Plan to Take your Mom to her Favorite Restaurant

If your mom loves tasty food and likes to enjoy food, Plan for a Surprise Birthday Party at her favourite restaurant.

birthday party
A toast over a dinner

Gift her with a Gift Card

If your Mom is fond of shopping, Gift on her Birthday with a gift card from her favourite Shop.

Gift Card For Mom

Gift her with a Bracelet

Shop for your Mom, and Surprise her by gifting with a Bracelet.


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