Dear crafty DIY brides, this one is for you. You can make your wedding invitation by putting all your love and heart in it. Thinking how? DIY your wedding invitation from scratch.

Take the stress out of wedding planning and make a DIY wedding invitation people will love. What is more personal and lovely than an invite made by you?

I’m sure you are thinking about how a bride can make her own wedding invitation by putting all the wedding planning aside? DIY doesn’t only mean making it with craft papers by yourself. It is a lot more than that. You can hire an invitation designer to prepare a wedding invitation according to your thoughts.

Follow the below three ideas to make a DIY wedding invitation for your wedding.

1. DIY Printed Wedding Invitations

A printed wedding invitation is a common idea and mostly used. But you can make it look prettier with your ideas. Choose the theme for the wedding invitation and customize it according to your thoughts and requirements and print the final wedding invitation.

I’ll help you with the example. If you are planning for a beach wedding then choose a background which reflects the beach atmosphere and includes the things related to the ocean or beach. Always choose a neutral color for the beach wedding invitation. Check out the sample for the DIY beach wedding invitation.

DIY wedding invitations

2. DIY Wedding Invitation Video

A DIY invitation video is really a unique and interesting idea. You can create it with your pre-wedding photos or video. It is simple to create using online video invitation maker platform. You can make it in just 30 mins with Inviter.

Your DIY wedding invitation video is just 3 steps away to download. Choose the invitation template of your choice, upload pictures & details, pay and download in HD quality. You can share it via Whatsapp, email, SMS and other social media platforms. You can choose the theme and do customizations according to your requirements. Check the below sample for reference.

Create a DIY Wedding Invitation Video Now

3. Handcrafted DIY Wedding Invitation

Anything handcrafted looks beautiful and can customize as you want it to be. Design a perfect handmade wedding invitation which is suitable for your wedding theme. The best part of handmade invitations is we can customize and add every small detail we wish to. We must agree that this is an old school type of idea. Yes, it is old and also gold.

DIY wedding invitations

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