Most of them have a dream of buying a new house. When you buy a home sweet home your dream comes true. Moving into a new house is really a new beginning. Indians celebrate the House warming party traditionally. A new beginning in the new house needs to be blessed, so plan for perfect Indian House Warming Party. Invite all your guests, friends, and all your near and dear ones.

House Warming Invitations
Couple Entering into New House

House Warming Video Invite Designs

Steps to Throw Successful Indian House Warming Party

Auspicious Time or ( shubh muhurta):

Timing is very important in Indian Griha Pravesh Ceremony. Usually the auspicious time for the ceremony fixed by consulting a Hindu priest. The priest looks into the Hindu Calendar and fixes the date and time for the auspicious Griha Pravesh ceremony. It’s a belief that entering into a home on an auspicious day brings good fortune for the family.

Diyas During House warming
Lord Ganesha

Invite Guests for the Ceremony:

There cannot be any occasion without guests. WhatsApp Video Invitations are the best way to Invite your Guests for House Warming Ceremony.

A website like Inviter helps you to create Gruha Pravesh House warming Animation Video in a few minutes with your own photos, event details and music. You can also share the invite Via WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

Video Invitation Maker App also helps you to create invites for new house inauguration on your mobile.


It is good to draw a pattern of rangoli filled with colours in front of the house entrance. Decorate the entrance with colourful flowers and garlands. In another way, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi blesses your home and family.

House warming Decorations
House Decorated with Flowers

Arrangements for Food:

Furthermore, it is believed that food connects people. Come up with a proper menu. I recommend serving home-cooked food or alternatively, you can plan for catering. People love the variety of sweets and desserts too so, plan accordingly.

Dinner at House warming party

Party Favours For Guests:

Plan for a party favours for your guests for attending House Warming Party Specifically you can search on the internet for House Warming Party Favour Ideas.

Party Favours To Guests
Party Favours

Showcase Your House to Guests:

Once the guests arrive at the House Warming party, you can ask them to go round the house and wander freely.

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