India is famous for its traditions. Many festivals celebrated in India. Festivals brings celebration and gathering. One such festival is Raksha Bandhan. ‘Rakhi’ an alternate name for this festival.

However, festivals play a very important role in maintaining social relations. Rakha Bandhan festival celebrated in significance to the relationship between brother and sister.

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Raksha Bandhan
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Importance Of Raksha Bandhan

As per Sanskrit terminology, Raksha Bandhan meant for two words. ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means knot. It means ” The tie or knot of protection. Moreover, on this day sister ties a Rakhi to his brother’s wrist as a symbol of protection.

However, this festival celebrated in significance towards sister and brother relationship. This festival is an ancient traditional Hindu festival in India.

Rakhi Celebrations

Festivals bring joyful celebrations and togetherness with family and dear ones. Moreover, festivals play an important role in building a better society. So, they also help us to live in a society with positive values and co-operation. This festival celebrated not only in India but also in other counties like Pakistan and Nepal.

Brother Sister Relation
Sister and Brother With Rakhi

When The Rakhi Celebration Takes Place

Rakhi Purnima, an auspicious occasion celebrated with a lot of spirits. Usually, Rakhi celebrated in the month of sharavana (August). It falls on full moon day as per Hindu Luni Solar calendar.

In the year 2019 ‘Rakhi Purnima’ celebrated on August 15th.

Rakhi Purnima

How The Rakhi Celebrations Take Place

Raksha Bandhan has different names in different regions of India. So, the rituals may differ from place to place but, the essence is the same. However, relationships play a very important role in India. Rakhi Purnima festival dedicated to sister and brother relationship.

Usually, on this special day, sister will tie a rakhi to the wrist of his brother. Also pray for his health, wealth and well being. Whereas brother in return makes her happy by giving gifts. He also promises to protect her in all circumstances all through her life.

Sister and Brother bonding relationship is extraordinary and plays a very important role. If your brother stays in a different place. Video greetings are the best and modern way to send Rakhi wishes.