Red roses! Heart shaped balloons! Musical cards! Ceramic love birds! Photo mugs! – The list of gifts that you and your love exchange is endless! When you love someone, every day becomes so special and delightful that you feel like treating and pampering each other with gifts. And the best part is;

video greetings
online video greetings

These gifts are priceless for each other. You cherish the feeling that your partner loves you and cares for you unconditionally that you forget what its worth is. When an interesting survey was conducted on couples as what their most favorite gift was, nearly ninety percent voted for hand written love notes. The magic, the warmth and the sense of belonging that each word written in a piece of parchment paper weaves on the reader cannot be comprehended by words.

But how will you exchange love notes when your partner stays miles away from you? How will you explain to your partner that you miss him/her day and night when he is busy pursuing his life dreams? How will you promise your partner togetherness when he is fulfilling both of your dreams by burning his midnight’s oil? To help you out of these tough situations, Inviter – the free online video greetings portal comes handy. It stands as your man Friday when you prepare your personalized video message for your partner in crime. Inviter video greetings delivers your message on time with just a mouse click and assures that your love reads it on time as expected. It diligently carries back the return message so that you cry buckets of happy tears.

Inviter video greetings can be aptly called the modern day love messenger. These video greetings delight your loved ones in the most unexpected way. Want to know how? Here are the reasons:

Say cute things the cute way

The monosyllable word that you utter might make the day bright for your loved one. That too when you pop a message into his /her mailbox that carries your love and affection in the most unexpected way, it simply drives away all the blues and brings you back in the la la land. A cute video greeting fills in for your absence in the right way.

Customized poignant love message

Where the readymade greeting cards in the market have the most beautifully crafted and etched words that can make one go awwww!! customized video greetings touch your inner soul and beyond. Sharing how lucky you are to be loved by someone so much means a lot to your partner. That too if you are a person of few words and when you make an attempt to create something out of your comfort zone, that person will remain forever yours!

Not the quantity but the quality of love matters

Video greetings sent via Inviter need not be shot with professional photographers. You can just record a selfie video on your phone, say your words of love seal it with a full blown kiss and just upload it to your partner. It creates an impact that is not less than a big bang!

So, are you ready to create your love message and send it over a click?

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