Greetings are usually referred to sending best wishes to your near dear ones on special occasions. However, greetings are not just restricted to festivals. Right from the beginning of civilization greeting others have formed an integral part of our lives irrespective of the culture we follow. This trend is observed worldwide regardless of the ethnicity, religion, geographical areas and so on. But as we developed our ways of thinking and habits, our idea of exchanging greetings changed too. The forms of greetings undergo a variety of change. We are not at the time where people prefer sending e-greeting over flowers or candies.

video greetings

It is not even a question as to how important greetings are. Sending greetings means you do think about them on special occasions. Greetings are largely exchanged on special occasions such as Thanks Giving Day, Independence Day & so on. There are times when people are unable to spend their holidays together but that is exactly why we have e-greetings. Video greetings carry their own special features which distinct if from every other type of greetings. For instance, if you are living in the USA and you wish to wish your relatives in India, you can easily send them a video greeting. It is easy as well as hassle-free.

How to get it done?

Well, we know you must be wondering where can you get a video greeting done? All you have to do is follow these three simple steps.

We have numerous templates on our website, all you have to do is pick any template that you feel works well for your greeting. Once you are done selecting, you move to step two.

In step two, we shall give you a call & ask for the pictures or videos that you wish to incorporate in the video greeting.

Now, sit and relax while we make the video greeting for you. It will take us just two business days!

What not to include?

Here are some tips to tell you what you can include in video greetings and what you should better avoid.

Anything too personal:

This should be avoided at any cost. You do not want to be a butt of jokes, do you?

Long video greetings:

The shorter the video, the better it is! Keep it as crisp as you can. Add a humor touch if you want but know where to draw the line.

A lot of you may prefer traditional greeting cards, however, when are you going to make the use of technology to surprise someone? Be assured, your person is going to love it. Instead of choosing traditional postcards, letters or greeting cards you can always update yourself to the new style of greeting which is video greeting. Go ahead & surprise someone.

There are number of occasions where you can choose to send video greetings. You can choose festivals or just occasions like farewell, get together and so on. A well made video greeting would suit for all the events.