Amazingly enough, your boyfriend threw a whole surprise birthday party for you, with the help of your friends. Of course – when you were busy focusing on the important business meetings that held you back at work and boy, it was a mighty surprise at to how well managed the whole event turned out to be.

video greeting

The guest list was expansive as you literally met each and every friend of yours, along with all those office colleagues. Not to forget, all your close family members also made it for the celebrations. It is rather surprising that everyone from back at work, reached your place well before you did and placed themselves well for your huge “Surprise!” It must have been quite an effort from everyone’s end to be a part of your big celebrations, taking out time to ensure that you feel special. And it also felt really heartwarming and at the same time, overwhelming to have everyone shower you with all their blessings and love.

Smile at the camera

The rest of the party must have been a happy daze for you. And so it is mandatory to ensure that you thank each and every guest your family invited over, personally, with a nice and warm message. That is where Inviter steps in with it extremely user-friendly tools that allow you to record a nice and warm personal video message that aims at thanking each and every person who came over to make you feel good about yourself on your birthday. Inviter helps you prepare a wonderful video greeting that reaches everyone from your guest list. And ensuring that they know how grateful you felt due to their presence on your big day. Not just another one of those notes that gets lost in the mails, these video greetings are sure to make everyone feel great for being a part of your big day.

Technology at its best

At Inviter, we send across your thank you video greeting to your suitable social media platform, where everyone from your guest list can watch your warm thankful message. All you have to do is to follow a couple of easy steps. Use up our pre-created template that you love and upload the video message alongside. Let technology leave a warm smile on everyone’s face as they watch your joyous thank you message, where you get to thank everyone – especially your boyfriend, for making these humongous efforts and leaving you feel so contended to have such a loving friends and family circle.