Who doesn’t like party and office party are one of the best? When you work with people, whom you spend most of your time, it became more than obvious that you can spend time with them. Party is just an occasion you are waiting for to know them well and celebrate. That is why sending office party video greetings are now popular, because it’s different and new. Everyone likes when they receive a video of invitation in which you can see you co-worker inviting you personally. Here is the reason why to pick video greetings for an office party.

video greetings

Why should you go for video greetings for an office party?

  • The office party is something you are waiting for, as you can set your new image and impress people. Creating a video invite brings lots of appreciation and praise as well. When you take your time to create a killer video greeting for an office party, it shows your commitment and your skills too.
  • Sometimes office party gets boring. People tend to ignore the invitation to its same old party where people have to go. When you make a video greeting, you create hype and people get more interested and invested in it. You can create picture montage of all the office party images. And make them remember how fun they had before and how much fun they will have in this one.
  • Some office party is arranged by the company for their achievement. To spare people from the boring speech at the party, they can just create a video, in which they can mention what milestone they have crossed or what they achieve. They can create a video by CEO or the same or they can simply put up a simple animation with a number of growth and to appreciate the hard work of people they are giving the party.
  • Office parties are not boring, there are games and themes as well. So you can just create a video to inform your co-worker that what games they are going to play or what is the theme of the party and so forth. Sending an email is not a final option when you have a plethora of options.
  • Ultimately office party is the place where you just want to hang out with people you are friends with and know more people. Your video greeting will be sent to each and every person who is going to attend the party. So in a way, everyone who will be there knows you and it becomes a simple icebreaker or conversation starter.

For years we are getting an email for every single thing in our office. It’s time to move on to something new and amazing like video greeting for an office party.