No matter how much bosses try, office parties have a reputation for being awkward. Most of the time employees attend it under the obligation of being a part of the company. After all, the awkwardness of eating side-by-side with the boss is not hidden. However,not all cases are same as some parties are thrilling enough to coerce the employees to be a part of it. Let’s see what make your office party so worthy:


No Formal Stuff

Office hours are enough to remind the pressure of work. Don’t let it spoil the mood of your employees. An office party is usually the headache of the HR and the great part is they are aware of the likes and dislikes of their employees. Make sure things turn out nicely, making every little part of the party exciting.

Select a Theme

Office awards, BYO Food, or masquerade ball, there are themes that will make you forget all the envy and stress. Organize a committee that can ensure that every inch of the arrangement matches the party theme. Fun themes are nothing to be afraid of, after all, the party aims at distressing the employees.

Fun Games

A party is incomplete without the fun games. Guess who, potluck, paintball, tug-of-war, and many other games could be played to turn this event into a memorable part of the company history. Office parties carry a grand chance to improve employee bonds. This is the time to bring them together, so, secure a festive mood and start the cool activities.

Don’t Send a Memo

We said group emails for every other work update, but make your office parties fun right from the start and skip the boring emails. Instead make an online invitation for all your colleagues promising them a fun evening.

Using Inviter for office invitations is fun, quick and easy.

Dietary Restriction

Planning food is as important as the rest of the arrangement. In fact, it is the toughest part to handle. Some of the employees are vegetarian while the others are vegan. So, before you settle with the menu selection, keep all the dietary restrictions into mind. After all, a party cannot be fun without some scrumptious menus.


In the end, do not forget to capture plenty of photos. A photo booth can be a great addition to the party as everyone loves to make faces in front of the camera.