Expenses can quickly add up while throwing a bar mitzvah party. Ask any of the parents who have recently thrown one and they will tell you the same.

While the other parents might not have realized the different ways to save money on bar mitzwah, this should not be the case for you, after all, we brought the most exciting and affordable DIY projects for you:


Turn your home into the party room

Bar Mitzvah is more about the kids and they can surely have more fun back in the place they are more acquainted with. Along with saving a lot on the budget, this even gives a chance to have pre-celebration fun. Put together the benefits and the party can start long before the real day. So, who is going to be in charge of the home decoration? Divide the work and let all have fun.


Spending of thousands for invitations? Why not make your own video invitation? It’s easy as well as fun. Set your creative wheel on motion and ask the family member to participate. With just a bit of diligence, things can be really interesting. All you need is a good camera and the few role plays. Create a story, perform with efficiency, and let the guests go wow with your wonderful creation. In the end, Inviter can be the perfect tool for sending these video invitations.

DIY Centerpieces

Balloons or jellies, what fascinates your child? All you have to do is find what your kids and guests might like. Gather a pair of scissors, some ribbons, and the main element of decoration. Just a few minutes with the family members can grant you the expected result. Which means you really don’t need to spend a hundred bucks for the sake of centerpieces.



Replace the flowers with balloons and ribbons. You can even go for paper flowers, easily available in the supermarket. Assign the task to the kids and let them have fun with the decoration. It is also a booster for their creativity.


Do you need a photographer?

Not at all, most of you are good photographers yourself, so why to spend so much on it. Some of your friends might also have good cameras and you can surely take help from them. They won’t be offended by this fun job.

You can also crowd-source photography by letting all guests take photos and share them on social media with the same hashtag


Altogether, you just need to get in more fun to save some big bucks.