Bar Mitzvah is one of the important traditional custom observed by the Jews community worldwide. It celebrates the time when a boy turns 13 of their age. In the Jewish community, the age of 13 is said to be the age when a boy is officially eligible to be held accountable or his actions. Bar Mitzvah is merely the ceremony that declares this.

Bar Mitzvah

Usually, many friends and family members are invited to be a part this celebration. As a father Bar Mitzvah is a celebration where parents are laid off from the punishment committed by their kid since now he can hold accountability for his own actions.

Here are different ways to make Bar Mitzvah a fun event

1. Theme it up

Picking a theme is vital when it comes to the celebration of Bar Mitzvah. Pick a theme of your choices like the 80s, or 90s fashion and let your guests think a little extra in the way they would be dressed. You can even arrange your food and music around this theme and make it more appealing.

2. Sending out video Invitations

One of the most interesting types of the invite is the video invitation. You can collect the pictures of your child since he was very small and simply make a video out of it. If this seems much of a hassle to you, then you can simply get it done from us. Pic the template that you like from the website and we will connect with you. You will share the picture or videos with us and we will get your video to you within 2 working days only!
Now, this looks hassle-free isn’t it?

3. Open outdoor party

Even if you choose to celebrate it in the house, you can always opt for your garden instead of your home. Serve some great juices and food coupled with music and open fresh air. Your guest would enjoy your Bar Mitzvah like no other.

4. Favors in return

Now a lot of you might think of something serious that you would give to your guests as a part of gratitude. But, to add that fun element in the party you can keep a funny favor too. It could be out of the box, wacky but humorous and not at all humiliating to anyone.

5. A message board

Let your guests have a say as well. Keep a quirky message board in the party and let your guests tell something good to the boy. Ask them to give a life advice, a funny life hack or just best wishes – anything but a message. To make the party even more fun, you can read it out loud once the party is about to end.

Bar Mitzvah could be a super fun event only if you decide to make it one. Get on your guest list and plan accordingly. In case we have missed out on any relevant point, do let us know about it in the comment section below.