“I said I don’t want to do it.”- Alan shut the door and sunk on his bed. Being Jewish, he knew this was coming but mentally he was not prepared for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony.


If fear was creeping on to him and on the other hand he felt his friends would mock him. Realizing what he was going through, his mom and dad decided to explain to him the significance of this coming of age ritual; but in an altogether different and unexpected way. Yes! Through the Inviter way.

The video invite

An hour later, Alan received an e-mail alert from his dad. Despite being angry, he opened the email as it contained an embedded video link in it and a rsvp button. The video email was his Bar Mitzvah video invitation that his parents has created for their family and friends. It beautifully summarized all the important milestones he had crossed in his 13 years of life and how proud his parents were to have him in their life. It narrated how important was to stand on the Bima and utter the verses of the Holy Ark. One look at the video invite made Alan smile with happiness, he instantly forgot all the fear and mockery and run towards his dad. How did the transformation happen? Of course through the Inviter way!

Customization at its best

Alan’s dad was a pro at creating invitations and he always made them different, exemplary and more attractive. He craves to make them stand out of general ones to grab the invitee’s attention at once. This time, he had used the Inviter portal which is one of the best and most effective techniques for drafting any video invitation. Inviter is a free platform through which anyone can create their custom video, upload to server, add RSVP options and send it as email video invite to multiple guests just in one single click. This video invitation platform also contains numerous creative templates.

Inviter works with a concept of making the recipients feel special and important. The same happened with Alan who realized the real meaning of his Bar Mitzvah through the thoughtful, expressive and self-explanatory Inviter video invitation from his beloved parents. Indeed, this is the amazing Inviter way!