Theme parties are a certain hit amongst all age groups. It gives the extra zing factor to the party and makes it cooler. But planning it can be a daunting task. Some say it’s better to avoid theme party ideas as they are too much of work, but we don’t buy it.

Theme Party

While we agree that a theme party needs the extra bit of efforts but a well-organized theme party stays with the guests for a long time. Web sites are filled with hundreds of ideas for a great theme party and we bring you the few selected basic pointers that can guarantee an unforgettable revelry.

1. Research your theme

Your theme should match the occasion. Whether it is a success party, birthday bash or an anniversary celebration; the theme of your party should complement the occasion. It shouldn’t be too complicated for your guests to carry out. While researching the theme, ensure you have all the related resources easily available, such as the decor, the entertainment activities, lighting and safety measures.

2. Pick your guest list wisely

No matter how great is your theme, until your guest honors it with putting up a great show, it’s not going to work. So it is imperative to select your guest list that is sportive enough to put their best foot forward and make your theme party an event to remember. If you think your theme is a bit complex, help your guests with the places where they can get the costumes or suggest them the ideas that would best compliment the theme.

3. Make your invitation stand-out

Everyone’s too busy in their routine life and there’s no dearth of happening parties too. To ensure guests are excited about your party, take time out from their busy schedules to attend your bash, make your invitation outstanding. Try the free online invitations by you can personalize and send your own video invitations to the guests and get instant RSVPs too. It’s as good as you personally inviting every guest for your party.

4. Include a surprise element

Who doesn’t love surprises? A surprise element adds a bit of pizzazz to your party and makes it all the more fun and interesting. Ideas as simple as transforming your backyard into a middle eastern lounge with the help of lots of cushions, low- rise seating and lanterns can make a lot of difference. The ideas can be simple but if they are able to take the guests by surprise, you’ll get your zing.

5. Set-up a Photo booth

A simple idea of transforming a corner of your party area into a photo booth can perk up your celebration beyond imagination. A theme party allows you to dress up differently, enjoy in contrast and a photo booth is the perfect way to capture its memories.

The best thing about theme parties is that they give you a chance to be creative. Let your mind run wild and explore all the crazy, out of the box ideas you can think of. The more original you are, the more memorable your party would be.