Video invitations? Now, what’s that? Is skipping paper really a good idea?

These are the most common apprehensions for those who are used to sending out traditional paper invites for every occasion. But think about it, you do almost everything on the web today, then why not invite online? Why not send video invitations directly to the inbox?

online video invitations

Just like the existence of paper posts are a thing of the past, it’s time to bring your invitations to the 21st century too.

Video Invitations – how do to do it

Creating and uploading a video invitation is no rocket science. Even your Uncle Sam who isn’t a pro can do it with Simply record the video with your message, add in the details such as time, date, location etc. and send it to all the people on your guest list.

What’s more, you don’t even have to wait for days for the invitations to reach them. They are directly delivered to their inboxes just when you want them to. With the exclusive RSVP labels, themes, and designs; your invitations get the contemporary touch with a personalized feel.

How’s it better than traditional invitations

• First of all, isn’t it a cute, fun way to send your invite? It speaks so much of your style and attitude.

• Since sending RSVPs is just a button to be clicked, sans the hassles of calling and confirming, the chances of getting an RSVP is a lot higher.

• Not everyone’s a wordsmith. Sometimes it becomes difficult to express your feelings and thus, video invitations are the best way to say how you feel, directly.

• Needless to say, it saves you a whole lot of money.

• It gives you a chance to be creative and design an invitation that truly describes you and is memorable.

Is it free?

Hell yeah, it’s FREE. Whether it is photo invitations and greetings or video invitations for personal or business purposes, send it for free with You can use a personal message or select from the various custom messages available. There are various plans to choose from. Depending upon the need you can select the free or the paid plan as well. From tracking the invitations sent and getting an analytical report for the same, to sharing it on the social media and tracking the RSVPs; video invitations with is your idea of doing it differently.

Be it festivals or special occasions; free online video invitations give a personal touch to your invites effortlessly. So go ahead, and create a spot-on invitation today!