A birthday party is one of the events where almost all the age groups can come together and enjoy. It is considered to be a fun and memorable event and so video greeting cards are the best way of showing those emotions for the person. The video greetings can show more sentiment and make the whole birthday greeting personally.

video greetings

So why should you be sending video greetings for birthdays?

You can share a blast from the past

You can gather some of the old pictures of that person like his childhood pictures or old picture with you or old memorable pictures of him and then create a video. And you can use the retro mode or the vintage-based theme giving an old touch up to your video. The person who would be watching the video would actually relive his past and would feel like he’s watching an old movie of himself but with a warm birthday wish included.

You can sing the birthday song

Suppose you are busy and would not be attending your friend’s birthday, you can then easily send a music video to him. You along with some of your friends or close ones who won’t be there at the birthday party can shoot a video where you guys would be singing the birthday song for that person and then send it to him in form of a video greeting.

You may get pictures from your social account

If you don’t have enough stock of your friend’s pictures, then you can visit any social website where you both are connected. You can download pictures from the profile, download pictures of his childhood, download memorable pictures, download pictures of him with you and then create a video greeting with those pictures. Connecting to a social network makes your task easy and reduces your task of hunting down the pictures.

You may recap an old birthday party

After you have enjoyed a big party Bash, you can relieve the moments by creating a video of the pictures and videos taken in the birthday event. For example, you can click the pictures and shoot videos of your kids enjoying in the birthday party, of people having fun in the party, of kids playing games in the birthday party and the cake cutting ceremony.

Making of video greetings for the person makes him dive down the memory lane. Video making companies like inviter.com first collect pictures from you, all types of videos from you, attaches music, uses a specified theme and then after completing the video the company send it to the birthday person in the form of an email.