Birthday parties are always fun, but what about the DIY ones? To be honest, the DIY birthdays are more exciting than the regular ones since the party begins from the preparations itself.


Here are some great DIY ideas for the ultimate birthday party:

Outdoor Fun

Beautiful sky, earthy fragrance, green moss, and loads of gifts hidden in the bushes. A truly exciting idea to introduce your kids to nature. For elders, it will be a break from the chaos of the vibrant city culture. Make flower tiaras for the girls and let the boys flaunt their gladiator characters. Pack your bags with the family favorites, fruity cakes, and go for an adventurous birthday party.


Fun Games at the Play Booth

Forget about the latest game and current trends; instead bring the games which you loved to play during your childhood.

Musical hoops, treasure hunts, and the hide-n-seek are the most classic game choices till date. Make it more exciting by adding crazy gifts for the winner. Before the game starts, make sure everyone is aware of the game rules. Reliving the childhood will be way more fun than you would have imagined.

Paint it Red

This DIY part is all about playing with colors. Flower decorations and beautiful colors, let the world around you get painted in the hues of fun and joy. Bring in water balloons, make your own DIY colors, send colorful free online invitations and let the wildness begin with family and friends.



How about a bonfire in the outdoors with guitars, steaks, hot dogs and some dance? This one is certainly an excellent option for teenagers. Add in some dare games and the party will last until the morning. As you have to get ready for an evening party, prepare the cake in advance or order one. Twinkle lights, tulle decorations, and the green outdoors will add a charm to the whole atmosphere.

Photo Booths

If it’s a girl’s birthday, let her have plenty of selfies that she can later show off on social media. Photo booths have always proven to be fun because everyone loves to make faces with quirky props. Get dressed in the best of your attire and hang out with your friends making those weird faces. Not to forget the all-time favorite Pizzas and pastries.

Water Games

The poolside games can be truly fun for both boys as well as girls. In fact, the whole family can unite together to enjoy the awesome pool party. Cut the cake being soaked in the pool water and bring cheers from down there. Paper cut flowers and cupcake liner garlands can be used for decoration purposes. Wrap a band of Washi tapes around the drink cups to make it more playful.


While you are planning a DIY birthday party, don’t forget to send in your own DIY birthday invitation video through Inviter, and before you ask – it is free.