Your boss just ordered you to prepare for a party in next 2 days? Freaked out? This is really a chaotic situation when you have to make the arrangement at such a big level in such a less time.

Office Party Online Invitations

But, by having a little patience and utilizing the tips below, you can arrange a party that will totally impress your boss and colleagues.

So, let’s see what those tricks are:

Call for a Place

Firstly, you need to secure a place to throw the party. Keeping the number of employees in mind, book a place that is within the budget and can accommodate the crowd easily. It can be any party hall, office area or outdoor location.

Get a theme

An office party is thrown to bring the office employees close to each other. Shun away all the tension by choosing a fun theme. It can be an outdoor picnic, masquerade, or fun themes like pirates. While arranging themes, you have to concentrate on the decor, rest of the job can be accomplished by the costumes of the employees. It is the easiest part of throwing a party and won’t even take much time.

Get the food

Contact a catering service provider who can deliver the best food in the shortest period of time. Make sure you have checked the previous work of the caterer because you are already in a hurry and any last minute chaos cannot be entertained.

Office Party Ideas

Even on a small budget, you can do big. Ask for references from the employees if possible. It is not necessary to give the work to a brand as even the not-so-popular caterers can supply finger-licking food.

Divide the Tasks

You need not take the entire burden on your head. Make a small team out of the office employees and divide work among them. Even small calls done by someone can reduce the management time to half. Activities, games, and invitations are other small things where you can take help.

Send online invitations

Instead of handing over the invitations individually or posting them via boring office emails, use online invitations. Inviter already has many templates to suffice your needs to simplify your job in sending creative corporate online invitations in minutes. All the work will hardly take few minutes, saving on the expenses as well as time.

In the end, all we want to say is instead of panicking on the last minute planning, utilize every moment to make the party fun and interesting. Who knows, you might grab a promotion resulting from this success.