Nowadays we are seeing more videos than ever because it’s interesting, it says a lot in the short time limit and it’s expressive. That is why the industry is trending towards the video more and more in recent days. Video greeting is something you look for when you try to create something beautiful, here is why video greetings are best.

video greetings
online video greetings

New and fresh:

Video greeting is something new and fresh and everyone loves it. One thing which is distinctive about it personalization, now you don’t need to rely on cards or email when you can, yourself greet your family or friends in your own words.

Faster and accurate:

It’s faster and delivers the right message. You remember when you send a greeting card or email to your friends and family member and they would call you days later and thank you for that because greeting card got delayed and email can be ignored but not the video greeting as it would make people curious when they get a link to a video from someone they knew.


It’s easy to create; you have all the tools on the website. You just need to make a video and upload it. They can even help you create one.

Audio medium:

You can add a sound effect by attaching songs and music too since, only words can be boring sometimes, little music can connect way better, it’s like coffee with a cake, it always goes well.

Animation all the way:

You can add animations and images, if you are too shy to make a video of yourself, you can create a video from animation they gave you, and you can add images of yours or them or anyone you like and creates a video in a matter of minutes.

Adding memories:

If you are sending a video greeting to your parents or grandparents, it’s better to add your childhood pictures as well. With video greetings you can make a video of yourself and cherish all the memory of the time you have together and greet them at a personal level, cards had their time and email is far away from technology your grandma would know how to use.

Interesting enough:

It’s more interesting as it’s something new. People are getting bored with the same template of cards and email where you just need to change the name, mostly those email goes right into the trash but not a video greeting. It’s something personal and it show that you care enough to make a video and greet them.

While time is changing and we haven’t got much time as we used, it’s better to make a greeting video on every holiday and send it to your friends and family. So they would remember you and create new memories. Go ahead and pick video greetings as you can say the of what you can through these beautiful greetings always.