Farewells are all about bidding goodbyes on a happy note. Whether it is your friend who is flying abroad for studies or a colleague, throwing a farewell party and parting ways with them on a good note is always fun.

farewell party

In case you are in the situation of throwing a farewell party and wish to explore the options of invitations, then here is what is going to help you out. We have compiled reasons as to why video invitations are amazingly good for farewell parties.

1. Personalized:

Video invitations can be made personalized. When you talk about a farewell it is best to keep it personalized. The added factor of personalization that video invitations allow makes it even more interesting. You can write feel-good messages and pictures as well and make it into a heartwarming video invitation.

2. Interesting:

Well, without a doubt video invitations are much more interesting than plain digital ones. Instead of sending a plain invitation, how cool is to send a personalized video invitation! There is a scope of creativity for sure. It also sets the right mood of the party making people want to attend it.

3. The scope of creativity:

There are immense scops of creativity with video invitation. You can collect pictures of friends or you can play along with the messages. When it comes to video invitations the sky is the limit. There is so much that you can do for farewell video invitation.

One of the main reason for choosing video invite is definitely that it is a trend. Gone are the days when you would literally print a boring invitation and waste paper. This is the era of digitalization! Hence, the best is to pick digitalized video invitation for the farewell party.

5. Convenient:

If you think preparing a video is full of hassle, well you got to check it with us. We provide an absolutely easy way of preparing a video invitation. We provide it in a hassle free manner hence it is way too convenient.

How to get it done?

There are very simple steps that you got to follow if you wish to prepare a video invitation for any kind of farewell party. Well, here is how it goes –

1. Our website is loaded with a number of templates which are suitable for the different occasion. You just got to select the one you loved the one.

2. The next step is simply to wait until our representative shall get back to you. He/she will ask you the requirement requesting you to send the required photos. Once that is done, your job is done.

3. Within just 2 days we shall send you the video invitation custom made only for you. This is completely hassling free and as personalised as you want it to be.

Video invitations for a variety of occasions are so in trend these days and an event without a video invitation would be dull or boring.