Office inductions are amazing for newcomers. These sessions provide you with a chance to interact with each other and get to know the colleagues better. Office induction programmes massively play a vital role in breaking the ice and letting the conversations initiate themselves.

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These days work culture is given a prime importance due to which a lot of organizations are keeping on making their employees happy. Any new joint would be more than happier to receive a personalized video invitation?

So, if you are working in the HR department and planning to set up an induction programme then we suggest you go with video invitation. As the digitalization has cropped into our lives, there are a number of changes that our lives have collectively gone through. So, while our pattern of communication changed, why do you feel you must stick to the same old way?

Here are several tips that you to make the coolest video invite for office induction program –

1. Make it humorous:

Humour never fails to appeal. Your new joint wouldn’t even think of a video invitation like that. Try putting up quirky pictures and quotes. If you really want to reflect on a fun loving organization then this is the best way. Go ahead and put your best foot ahead.

2. Keep it serious:

If following a serious tone is what you prefer then certainly you can have a serious approach to it. Perhaps, talking about the company in brief or simply laying down the schedule of the induction would be enough.

3. Teaser:

If you are willing to add a little extra bit of creativity then make a movie trailer like an invitation. Yes, this idea might be time-consuming but if you really think about it, we are pretty sure you would love it.

How to get it done?

Okay so you must have liked the idea but have no clue as to where to get it done from, isn’t it? Well, hence we are here to help you out.

It just takes 3 steps to get a video invitation done from us.

  • Select the template that you like. We have a number of templates available for you that suit for a variety of occasions. Pick the one that suits your requirement most.
  • The next step is where we would get in contact with you. We will inform you about the requirement of photos and videos.
  • You need nothing to do in step 3. The work is ours completely. We will do all the work and all you gotta do is relax.

So get started with preparation and welcome your new joinee.