A birthday is a special day or the anniversary of the birth of a person. The birthdays of people are celebrated in various cultures, mainly with birthday gifts, cars, party and a rite of passage. Your birthday invitation could be for a normal birthday party, a surprise birthday party or a destination birthday invitation. So before inviting or sending out the invitation requests, take a while and think about the sort of party that you’re thinking of throwing. The invitation card that you are sharing should give a flavor of the type of birthday party that you are throwing, the level a formality and the tone.

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What are the types of birthday invitations?

The main thing that you must keep in mind before designing the invitation letters, is that the letter should be out of the box. In this modern era, the birthday invitations can be delivered via email or the internet, by special delivery or by conventional mail. However, each process of sending out the invitation cards would have its own cost implications. The possibilities of the design of the invitation cards have also gone wider than you might think.

The most common handwritten invitation card:

This is the most common and the oldest trend of sending out invitation cards. In this method, you design a card uniquely and write few catchy quotes along with an invitation paragraph for the invited guests. You can send them to the guests via Speed Post or by manual posting.

E birthday invitations cards:

This is the cheapest or free and the easiest way of sending out invitation cards. The format is easily available on the internet and is pretty easy to download. All you have to do is catch hold of the guest’s email address, design your email with a few catching notes and then simply send it without any cost.

If you’re willing to spend more and send out a proper and attractive invitation, then you must go for the video invitations. In this process, the company would collect several pictures and videos from you. You would be offered templates to choose from. It will take them just two days design it along with music and other animations and decorations save them up in your smartphones. This is a new age technology and this video invitation process has been adopted globally.

So, to make your 16th Birthday special you may connect with the Inviter.com which is a well-known company who creates video invitations. After that, they take the pictures the company, design the video and send it to the respective guests. This process is moreover not at all expensive additionally it is quite attractive and would save your time a lot as you won’t have to manually post each invitation to your respective guests.

Inviter.com has been globally adopted as the company produces such video invitations on one-third of the market prices that are available.