Employee appreciation party is something that is gaining momentum day by day. Companies are in the favour of such parties since it increase employee retention by acting as an encouragement to the employees. While such parties are mostly formal, making them a bit more casual and exciting would do no harm either.

employee appreciation party
Employee Appreciation Party

So in case you are about to host such party but need a plan in place, we are here to give you sage advice and ideas that can come handy. These are some sure short ideas that perhaps you can easily consider.

Theme it

To set the mood of fun and enjoyment you can assign a theme that you employees are going to love. Make sure that the food, decoration as well as the music completely matches the theme of the party. You need make sure that the entire theme is reflecting the aura of fun.

Sporty spirit

To inculcate the spirit of sportiness in your employees you can even add some games and announce prices on the same. Let them indulge themselves in some sort of physical activities as well since it is necessary especially to build the spirit of team and healthy competitiveness in the organization.

Online invitations

As the the formal work culture sets in, surely the traditional invites won’t do. Don’t worry, e-invites are here fir you! With a tinge of customization, develop your own invite with our online invites and within few clicks your party invites will land in mail box of you prospective employees. If perfection is what you desire then let’s go one step ahead and develop an online video invite, giving in all the details of part right through the video.

Music and dance

It is the day of your employees and your chance to bond with them well. Play some music and make sure that they dance. Even managers can make it a point to join them on the dancing floor. This is again vital for the employees and manager’s bonding as a team.

Employee appreciation party

Since it’s the highlight of the party, this ceremony is bound to be the perfect one. Apart from increments and promotions, a few words of appreciation can certainly spark motivation among your employees and make them feel more responsible and valuable as a part of the company.

Thank you greetings

Once the party is over, ensure that personalize thank you video greetings are sent to all the employees who spared some time from their busy schedule for this party. These small gestures shall certainly go a long way in nurturing employer-employee relationship.

Often it is said that companies need to take care of their customers but in reality, if companies take good care of their employees then certainly employees are capable enough to nurture a strong client relationship, besides the loyal employees are always those assets of companies whose value is always appreciated as the years pass. So how are you planning your employee appreciation party this year?