So you are moving to your new house and you want to have a housewarming party? How would you send an invitation to that, by cards, by email or social messaging? Try something new for a change and send a video invitation for your housewarming party. Here is the reason why,

  • Housewarming parties are one of the special occasions when you invite only those people who are close to you. You are excited and happy and when you send an email, it just doesn’t convey the right amount of feeling you have. Sending a video invitation is something you would love to do. Making a video in your new home and explain how much it means to you if they come, will also send a sense of deep bond you have with them.
  • Video invitation makes everything easy for you as you don’t have to tell each and everyone, how cool your house is. You can send a video roaming around your house and tell them an exciting fact about your home would cut to the chase and they would know what to say and where to go.
  • You can create excitement as if you have a gaming room or a bar. Also, you can create a mystery around it by showing the door and telling you guest to come to the party to know what’s behind this door. Also, you can simply create an animation or add images of your home too.
  • Housewarming parties are also a time when you can show off. You can simply go to the poolside or your balcony and show them the beautiful view you have, how you are going to spend your holiday here and all. It may be a little show-off, but it’s your new house and you have every right to do it.
  • It’s simple and easy and doesn’t take much of your time. You can simply upload your video and edit it with text and animation as well. You can put songs or music in the background. And also you can add images of your family in the living room or having fun at the dinner table and so on.
  • Creating videos will send a message directly and on a personal level. When you ask people to come to your housewarming party by video, it really affects them and they would be happy to receive such kind of message.

However, in case this isn’t your house warming but your friend’s you can send a video greeting congratulating them. Video greeting is an amazing concept that is interesting and amazingly personalized.

The new house is everyone’s dream and sharing those happy and joyful moments with people close to you is what we call housewarming. Sending a video invitation for a housewarming is trendy and as well as different too. So it will get noticed at first and you will get a reply in a jiffy.