“Did you see her son’s wedding invitation? The color was totally flattering and the golden borders were simply out of the world! I called her immediately and got the wedding card designer’s number! You would not believe!

online invitations

She is spending nearly three to four lakhs in these arrangements. Quite a lavish affair – this wedding is”- this was a regular conversation between the aunties at the beauty salon. The conversation was quite interesting as it spoke about to what extent a parent can go to get their dream invitations designed for a party or an event. But little did these aunties know that technology was offering much better deals with zero investment but plenty of creativity. One such personalized online invitations design and delivery portal is Inviter which has already gained popularity among people.

With Inviter’s help, you can create a plethora of custom invitation in the form of photo messages, scripted video invitations, place date time invites with RSVP tracking etc. However, this online gateway helps you to send your invitation to more than one guest in just one mouse click.

Spread love with online invitations

When your loved ones are reachable only through Skype messenger, how can you reach out to them and invite wholeheartedly for the party? How can you ensure, they do not feel bad that they have not been invited personally? How will you make them experience what you go through in their absence? Above all these questions can be answered when you put your creative brain into action and opt for a video invitation to be delivered online. And in this age of digitalization when everyone is going digital this concept of sending online invitations is just apt as per the time.

When you create a personalized video message in which you speak the words that come straight from your heart. Your guests understand how much you miss them and how eagerly you await their presence at your most coveted event. Inviter brings hearts closer no matter how far they are separated by miles!

Unleash creativity

While you are creating a video invitation for your guests, there are plenty of ways to attract all your recipients. Personalizing them with family photographs, priceless moments, animated pictures or GIF images. These are the few ways that you can create your video invites designed exclusively. Inviter allows your video to be of any quality and size.

Organized party

With RSVP tracking in place, Inviter online invitations becomes a virtual party organizer where in it helps to manage the guest list in peace. You can add important questions and make your guests answer their preferences with respect to food, hospitality, dress code and conduct so that your party becomes a grand success.

Such these digitally advanced video online invitations are the face of today and tomorrow. In conclusion, Inviter is the best solution to invite guests in an easy & creative way!