Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration - DIY kids birthday party hacks

Birthday is a symbol of a special occasion for both kids and parents. It is the best time to celebrate with all the joy and let you dear ones be part of it. Especially for kids, they look up to their birthday with the utmost expectations to celebrate it with friends. And it will be the greatest task for every parent to organize a birthday party. You search everywhere and ask anyone for suggestions to plan the birthday party. So, here are some DIY kid’s birthday party hacks you should never miss out.

On a Birthday, children wear new clothes and get blessings from elders. The child visits a temple/shrine and takes the blessings of God. The child distributes sweets and chocolates to friends in school. Generally, they have a birthday party in the evening as it is time to relax and enjoy it.

Here are some Birthday Party Hacks to Make your Child’s Birthday Colorful

Arranging a Photobooth

Photo booth - at Birthday party video invitation

Nowadays many people are interested in photography. You don’t need a photographer with a booth for this. You just need a camera, some props, and a backdrop. If you are celebrating your child’s birthday outdoor select a natural backdrop, if it is indoor you need to decorate the wall with balloons, stickers, and sheets of paper. Create a photo booth with special and attractive themes. You can create a photo booth in which children have much craze on it. Children will enjoy taking their pics.

Make Your own Tattoos

Children Tattoo -  video invitation for birthday party

Children are crazy about tattoos. They like them a lot. Tattoos are available in party stores. Bring a few sheets of temporary tattoos Sure children will enjoy it.

Party Food as Favours

Chocolates - Birthday party chocolates

If your planning to serve individually chocolates or cookies after the party, you can pack them with different colored papers and hand them out after the party, while leaving. Children love to have such gifts.

Make your Own ART

Birthday invitation - children painting

Children start drawing and painting at the start of the event. After the cake is cut ask someone to bring the pictures and place them in a frame and present them as a piece of their art.

Invite your Guests with a Special Invitation

Do you want to invite your family and friends with a beautiful invitation? There are several ways of inviting your guests. You can invite your guests with a printed invitation card, GIF, online editable invitations cards, invitation messages, online video invitations. The world is digitalized, so surprise your guests with a Birthday video invitation.

Birthday Invitation Maker
Birthday e-invite from Evite

Start Creating Your Birthday Video Invitation

Individual Food Servings

lunch box Return gift - At birthday party

Every parent has pre plans like what to serve for the guests who come for the birthday party, it may be a pizza, burger or anything else. Imagine what time it takes to serve them, in order not have a mess around, pre-plan and to serve the snacks for the guests within a cardboard box or the actual lunch box which they can take back to their home as a return gift.

Build a Balloon Wall with Different Colors.

Balloon decoration - birthday video maker

For making this you’ll need balloons of all colors, air pump, balloon bunchers, and tape. Blow all the balloons with the help of an air pump and join them using balloon bunchers, stick them to the wall using tape. Now the wall looks beautiful with rainbow-colored balloons.

Make a DIY Party Crown

Birthday party crown - Video invitation

To do this you all need a plastic hairband, glue gun, plastic flowers, satin ribbon. Stick the plastic flowers and decorate the hairband with satin ribbon to using a glue gun. Now the birthday crown is ready.

Turn Leftover Things into a Beautiful Decorative Piece.

Making best out of waste - inviter video maker app

Take the left-over straws, cups and satin ribbon and make them into a decorative piece and keep it as a decorative piece on a table.