Sankranthi is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals, dedicated to God Surya(Surya deva/Sun).  on this day the sun enters the “Makara Rashi” representing the end of the month. Sankranthi is called as the harvest festival. Sankranthi is celebrated for three days. This festival is celebrated with different names in parts of India. This festival is called as Sankranthi( Peddapanduga) in Andhra and Telangana. Lohri succeded by Maghi by North Indians, Sankuranthi By Kannadigas. On Sankranthi day, in many states, mela’s are held. On such mela is “Kumbha Mela” which associated with Guru Shankaracharya.

sankranthi festival- festival of kites

Sankranthi festival is celebrated for 4 days. The first day is Bhogi, followed by Sankranthi and Kanuma.

Bhogi Festival Celebrations:

Bhogi is the first day of the Sankranthi festival. This is widely celebrated in is southern states of south India. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Telangana. On this day the people light the bonfire with the logs of wood, all the old furniture which is no more useful to us. Bhogi generally represents an excellent message to the people. It represents the transformation of thoughts, views, habits to new life burning all the old thoughts, views towards life.

Bhogi fire- sankranthi celebration 1st day
Bhogi Fire

Bhogi Palla Function.

Bhogi pallu is one of the most important functions held on Bhogi day before sun-set. Regu pallu is called as bhogi pallu, called as seasonal berries, flowers, small pieces of sugarcane pieces, money(coins), chocolates are mixed together in a bowl. The child is made to sit on a chair, preferably with a traditional dress is worn. At first, the mother is made to put Bhogi pallu on the child’s head. later the elderly ladies put the Bhogi pallu on the child’s head. After this Mangala Harathi is given to the child. Later the guests are served with sweets.

Bhogi pallu function - Sankranthi day
Bhogi Palla Function


On Sankranthi day the people perform a traditional pooja at home. They wear new clothes and visit temples and pray for their prosperity. They decorate the house main door with mango leaves and sugarcane stags. Big Kolam(ornate drawings) is drawn in front of the house and they are filled with attractive colors and decorated with marigold flowers and piles of cow-dung called”Gobbemma”. Sankranthi is the festival of food. They prepare many snack items for the festival, such as kudumulu, Ariselu, Appalu (a sweet made of jaggery and rice flour), Chekkalu, Chakralu, Arisalu, Booralu, Gavvalu, Poornalu, Boondi Mitai, Boondi Laddu,kudumulu, Ariselu, Appalu (a sweet made of jaggery and rice flour), Garelu, Chakinalu, Nuvvula Appalu, dappalam (a dish made with pumpkin and other vegetables) and make an offering to God. Katte Appalu or Karam appalu, Madugulu (Jantikalu), Bellam Appalu, etc.

Haridas songs and Gangireddullu

Haridasas( servents of lord Vishnu) early in the morning visit all the houses and sings songs Lord Hari(Vishnu). Gangiderrulu will be decorated beautifully with different colored clothes and are bought in front of the houses. People give some offerings for the cow.

hari das keerthanas - Sankranthi
Haridasa Keerthanas
gangireddulu- sankranthi
Cow Decorated – Gangi Govu

Kanuma festival

Kanuma, it is the day of farmers. on this day the farmers pray the cattle. They are represented as a symbol of prosperity. The girls feed animals, especially cows, and fish.

kanuma panduga - Sankranthi
Kanuma Celebration


This is a very special day for the non-vegetarians. On the day of mukkanuma people non-vegetarian meals. Farmers pray the elements like soil, water, and others which help in harvesting the crop.  offer prayers to the village goddess and sometimes animals are also included.

Greetings for Sankranthi.

Everybody wants to enjoy the festive mood. We love to wish each other for the festivals with a warm message. There are different ways to wish each other fo the festivals. But people look for elegant and beautiful ways of wishing each other

1. Printed Greeting Cards.

Greet your family and friends with a printed greeting card on the festive occasions like Sankranthi with the warm message on the greeting card. These cards can be printed with the best message and can be sent to your family and friends.

2. Text SMS

We can wish our relatives and friends with text SMS. This is the simple and easiest way of sending the Sankranthi greetings to your near and dear. This is the example message which can be sent to your friends and relatives as SMS.

“As the sun starts northward journey.
He makes all the happiness throughout this year.
I wish you and your family a
Very Happy Makar Sankranti”

3.  Festive e-cards

Customize and send an e-card on this Sankranthi with the best message online via Whatsapp, SMS, and other social media platforms.  You can customize this with the sender’s name, e-mail, the text message which you wanted to convey, then enter the receiver’s details like name and email -ids and the date when it has to be sent. Then preview your e-card and send it.

 sankranthi e card wishes
Greetings for Sankranthi

4. Video Greetings

Video greetings are an effective way of wishing for festivals. These are cost-effective and easy to send to your friend’s ad relatives. Send personalized Sankaranthi video greetings/wishes to your dear ones. Customize with your name & audio, preview, and download HD to wish your family & friends via Whatsapp, email, & all social media platforms. Greet your family and friends with a Sankranthi video greeting and surprise them.

Sankranthi Video Invitations