Technology has not only influenced the way we watch movies and videos, but also the way we make them. Films made using a smartphone camera are now awarded Oscars and many amateur filmmakers use online video creation software to produce particularly interesting homemade videos. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, here are some occasions when our smartphones are full of interesting videos. So instead of storing these films on camera film, you can just as well make a relevant video using online video creation websites. Whether you are a novice or an experienced filmmaker, video making is now something simple due to the many online video creation sites. These online birthday video creators come with modern, high-quality video editing apps that can convert low-quality videos into beautiful videos. In this article I will put together a short list of the best sites for creating online birthday videos.

online birthday video creation software

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1. Animoto

This video creation site is currently used by more than 13 million people. It is one of the best homemade video creation sites. The easy-to-use tools and extraordinary features of the site allow users to create captivating birthday videos in a second. All you need to do is choose a style and background music, customize the video and then share it. You don’t have to be an editing expert to create a video on Even more, as soon as your video is ready, you can put it online on Facebook, Twitter, send it by e-mail or via YouTube. Animoto apps for Android and iOS allow users to quickly access wherever they are. Animoto has been used for BBC, NBC, CNN, National Geographic.

2. Smilebox

It is also another website that allows users to create and share great birthday videos in no time. On this site, we have a wide choice of slideshow models. All you need to do is add your videos, photos and music to add an essential personal touch. You will have no trouble sharing your videos as long as you can put them on Facebook.

3. Wideo :

This website is exactly what you need if you are looking to create an animated video for your party. As soon as you record audio and images, this site will quickly animate the texts and objects and thereby create a beautiful animated video that you can download in HD. In addition, this site gives the user the possibility to decide who can see his video.

4. Jibjab :

Jibjab is another online video creation site that allows users to choose from a variety of interesting themes. However, these videos will not be homemade films but rather funny clips that can be sent as e-cards.

5. Stupeflix

This birthday video editing site gives users the opportunity to create amazing videos with text and background in no time. The strong point of this site lies in the fact that it offers the possibility of making unlimited videos of 20 minutes without paying a penny. Just pull and drop the videos, photos, background and texts and the site will do the rest for you. You don’t have to be a proven technician to make interesting holiday videos. comes with sixteen incredible themes. Each of them will add a dramatic touch to your homemade video. This site also gives the opportunity to users to set the pace of the video as well as custom durations. The stories and comments can be attached to the videos and the volume can easily be adjusted. This site also gives you the choice between fast or slow videos. Storing or sharing your video is not a major difficulty with

6. Kizoa

If you are looking for something simple and basic then choose This website requires no registration fees. In addition, making a video with this site is a breeze.

7. Wevideo

This cloud-based video creation platform will help you create homemade videos as long as a movie. It comes with a basic and advanced version at the same time so you can choose the version that suits you. In addition, you do not need to save the videos you make on to your hard drive since you will be able to save them to the cloud immediately. So even if you can’t finish the video on the first try, you will have the option of resuming it where you left off. You also have the option to choose the look and style of your birthday video. Options such as slow motion, fast forward, green screen or transitions will guarantee that the audience will remain captivated by your work.

So just connect to the internet, find the website that’s right for you, and start making an easy and fun birthday video.

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