Eye-Catching Premium Wedding Invitations Online

A story to tell, a story to keep – your love is a narration that the world needs to read. Coming from a generation of technological wiz, you have somehow managed to sustain the poetic charms of an old-school who still believes in the scent of an old read and the magic of a gramophone with its vinyl discs. Your whole idea of romance still beholds in the concept of long conversations over candle light dinners and a romantic stroll down the beach. Fanciful, yes, but then the man of your dreams is contrary to your idea of life where he beholds an inclination towards innovation and technology- and that is precisely why they say that opposites attract. You both have managed to find your middle grounds somewhere, somehow, and beautifully complement each other’s tastes in life.

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5 Elegant Wedding Invitations Ideas

No time for choosing the perfect wedding invitations? We understand. You must be really busy, for the big day is knocking on your door. Everything is hasty and you are only ticking off things from your to-do list. Take a moment and sit aside. The wedding invitations are as important as any other attribute of the wedding. Do not choose any design in a rush. Inviter lets you choose from a variety of invitation possibilities and the option of the fastest RSVPs.

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Plan & Oragnaize Any Event With Email Invitations

Whether it is for an occasion such as a birthday etc. or whether you are organizing an official meeting. You need to make invites in the event that you are the host. The time for delivering the mails and sweating over whether the recipient has received it or not seems ancient. And if you are still living in that time then you are not inviting more stress to an already stressful life.

Email Invitations

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Free Online Wedding Invitations With RSVP Tracking

You probably racked your brains to make sure you did right everything right, the champagne chilling at just the right temperature, the ring perfectly sized for her finger, reservations at her favorite restaurant made well in advance, Elvis Presley playing neatly in the background, and now all that you had to do is to muster the courage and pop the question. She had the biggest smile that you had ever seen on that pretty little face, eyes gleaming with tears that threatened to escape into the world on their own – an evening to remember, an evening that changed your labels for life.

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Bring your invitations to the 21st century

Video invitations? Now, what’s that? Is skipping paper really a good idea?

These are the most common apprehensions for those who are used to sending out traditional paper invites for every occasion. But think about it, you do almost everything on the web today, then why not invite online? Why not send video invitations directly to the inbox?

online video invitations

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The Forever Importance of RSVPing To Invitations

Did you know that back in the old times, sending an RSVP was considered rude? No one used to put RSVP on their invitations because it meant that the host does not trust the guests to do the right thing. But the time is changed now.


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Video Invitations: Changing Up the Traditional Party Invites

“Are you listening?”- this time, the sound was big, loud and clear and no one could escape it. Mom was more angry than usual at dad today. Reason? It was their fiftieth-anniversary party and she wanted to make it pompous and big. Being a perfectionist, mom decided to supervise the anniversary event preparations by herself with dad’s support.


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3 P’s of Wedding – DIY Online RSVP Wedding Invitations

Do you know the 3 P’s of a wedding? Planning, Preparation and Perfection. If you have all the three in yourselves, you shall be the best wedding organizer. Many people know the nuances of organizing a wedding well, but when it comes to managing the guest list, their life goes bizarre.


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Birthday Party Video Invitations

Dresses, Festoons, Cakes and what’s Next? Inviter Takes Care of the Rest..

Be it a small child, a dashing teenager or a tired oldie- birthdays are special for all!

How to plan? How big the cake should be? How many guests to call? These are the frequently asked questions and if it is your tiny tot’s special day, then more questions pop out.


Amidst hasty planning, you may forget the basic requirement for birthdays. Yes! The Guests… Who will not get fussy about invites if it reaches them the last moment? How about a technique wherein one gets notified a week earlier and get reminded a day before? Tech enthusiasts have captured this wish and have granted the party lovers with Inviter.com which is… A Blessing Truly in Disguise…

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